At 10am Friday morning, 4/3, the CLASSE Electronic Document Management System, https://edms.classe.cornell.edu, will be unavailable for approximately one hour. During this time, the system will be reset to its status as of last week, so any changes made since 3/25 will need to be redone. Please contact the computer group at service-lepp@cornell.edu for help retrieving documents that have been updated since 3/25.

When this maintenance is complete, users should take note of the following:
  • record ids internal to invenio will be the same as they were in redms. In other words, CBX2008-043 will be record #1942 (as it was in the old system) and will be accessible from https://edms.classe.cornell.edu/record/1942/
  • only the most recent copy of a document (as of 3/25) will be stored in the upgraded system. Please email the computer group for assistance retrieving an old version stored in the old system.
  • you will be unable to modify your email address stored in EDMS. As forwarding of locally generated emails to local accounts will continue to be supported, there should be no need to modify the email address stored in EDMS.
  • to view the entire contents of a collection, just click on "Search" without putting anything in the search box.
  • All CBX2009 and CPDRAFT2009 numbers will reset starting at 001, resulting in the following changes
    • what was CBX2009-054 will become CBX2009-001
    • what was CBX2009-055 will become CBX2009-002
    • what was CBX2009-056 will become CBX2009-003
    • what was CBX2009-057 will become CBX2009-004
    • what was CBX2009-058 will become CBX2009-005
    • what was CBX2009-059 will become CBX2009-006
    • what was CBX2009-060 will become CBX2009-007
    • what was CBX2009-061 will become CBX2009-008
    • what was CBX2009-062 will become CBX2009-009
    • what was CPDRAFT2009-033 will become CPDRAFT2009-001
    • what was CPDRAFT2009-034 will become CPDRAFT2009-002
    • what was CPDRAFT2009-035 will become CPDRAFT2009-003
    • what was CPDRAFT2009-036 will become CPDRAFT2009-004
    • what was CPDRAFT2009-037 will become CPDRAFT2009-005
    • what was CPDRAFT2009-038 will become CPDRAFT2009-006
    • what was CPDRAFT2009-039 will become CPDRAFT2009-007

A few of the motivations for the upgrades we've made over the past two weeks are as follows:
  • avoid a bug in the version of Invenio that was running on redms that periodically required a restart before users could access the database.
  • consolidate to a single Electronic Document Management System (edms) that supports both public and restricted documents (including images and figures).
  • all documents will be stored internally in Invenio. No documents will remain on our public web server, as was required with the old version of Invenio that was running on redms.
  • users will only need to login once, as opposed to the (potentially) three logins that were required on redms

Updated documentation specific to CLEO is available from DocumentDatabase.
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