Exchange mail move: you still need to do step 2

I'm sorry to pester you about this, but your Cornell email can't
be migrated to the new Exchange server until you set your
Exchange password.

Please do Step 2 immediately: it sets your Exchange password.
Please follow the Step 2 instructions at

Step 2 must be done no later than Tuesday, March 16.

If you do not set the password, CIT won't be able to copy your mail
account from the postoffice servers to the Exchange server in time:
it needs to be done before the next CESR down.

You can verify that Step 2 has been done by going to the Web page
and typing in your NetID. In the third column, it should say

Password Status
Activation Date: [whatever]

If you need help setting your Exchange password, please send email to

Step 1 is only slightly less important:
It sets your current mail reader so it can access the Exchange server.

If you don't do step 1, you'll have to use "Outlook Web Access"
to read your mail after it's been copied. That may be acceptable to you,
I don't know.
If you are only using Cornell's WebMail now, you don't need to do Step 1.
Please follow the Step 1 instructions at

Steps 3 and 4 are optional personal settings choices.

Step 3 changes the personal name displayed by Exchange.
By default it's your First and Last legal names.
The Step 3 instructions are at

Step 4 changes your From address.

I strongly recommend leaving your From address as it is.
Changing it will cause problems for your current mailing lists and Web forums.
The Step 4 instructions are at

Additional information about the Exchange migration is available at
and at

If you need help with any of these, please send email to

Selden Ball,
writing on behalf of
The LEPP Computer Group.

-- SeldenBall - 2010-03-11
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