FileVault Instructions


For new install - no user account(s) yet exist.

For post install user account(s)

Tested on macOS 10.14Mac needs to be bound to CLASSE AD

Part 1 - Admin privileges required
  • Login as Admin
  • From the  menu, drag down to "System Preferences..."
  • Select "iCloud" icon and login as classe-it-mac@corenell.edu as the AppleID account.
  • Go Back to main Preferences icon view window and select "Security & Privacy" icon.
  • Click on "Click on lock to make changes." and enter Admin password.
  • Click on the "FileVault" tab.
  • Click on the "Turn On FileVault..." button
  • When the drop shade window appears, select the radio button next to "Allow my iCloud account to unlock my disk"
  • Also, allow any required user accounts to unlock the disk.
  • Close the System Preferences window.
  • Logout as Admin - do not restart the Mac.

Part 2 - Main user password change is required
  • Login as the main (non-privileged) user of the system, i.e. the account that will be normally used to log into the Mac.
  • Use the "Users & Group" system preferences panel to change the password of currently logged-in user.
    • NOTE: This will, of course, change the User's password on Windows and Linux as well.

Performance hit due to disk encryption process

On a 2018 MacBook Pro (model MacBookPro15,1), the disk encryption is done "on the fly", so there is no noticable performance hit from this procedure. On older Mac models, enabling FileVault may initally cause a performance hit, due to the inital disk encryption process...
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