Why does my gnome login hang after I type my password?


Are you able to login to a different desktop environment, like kde?

Usually that kind of a problem (X11 console login hanging when using Gnome) can be corrected by moving or removing the gnome related dot files in your home directory.

The next time you login with gnome, these will be recreated. Of course, if you have made any short-cuts and/or other modifications to your desktop, they will be lost.

Also, be sure that /bin and /usr/bin are in the search path (echo $PATH).


The first step to try is to rename the ~/.gnome2/session file (mv ~/.gnome2/session /tmp/). This file is created when you save your session while logging out.


Running this script may help:


It modifies the ~/.gnome*/session files.


I suggest logging in via a 'failsafe' session on the console, (select this from the console session menu), or else do control-alt-f1 to get a console login screen outside of X11. Then move or remove files with names similar to the following in your home directory:

  .esd_auth .gconfd .gnome2_private .ICEauthority
  .fonts.cache-1 .gnome .gnome-desktop .metacity
.dmrc .gconf .gnome2 .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 .nautilus

and all files in /tmp owned by you.

If you are hesitant, try them one at a time until you find the culprit. Let us know if you are able to narrow it down to a particular folder or file.

You may also need to remove additional files from your home directory:

.Trash .eggcups

Then log back out and back in.

(If using control-alt-f1, control-alt-f7 will get you the X11 screen again.)

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