LNX120 Mail Storage Server

PURPOSE -- LNX120 is now an INTERIM OVERFLOW mail storage IMAP server. Its purpose is to provide overflow mail storage for users who cannot live within the current storage quota on Cornell's email servers. LNX120 does not send or receive mail, and can only be used for storage.

DISCLAIMER -- Since the long term objective is to have CIT provide all our email services, this server is not considered a part of LEPP's critical infrastructure. Every effort will be made to protect the integrity of mail messages stored in this server, but operational function will be treated as a secondary priority if problems develop. Critical email transfer, storage, and access should rely on Cornell's services.

ARCHIVE -- LEPP's legacy email servers (LNS61 and LNSCU5) have reached their storage capacity and system load limits, and are extremely old systems that are becoming difficult to maintain and support. For these reasons we would like to avoid adding any new mail to these systems. However, keeping old mail on these servers for archive purposes is an excellent strategy. Mail currently stored on the LEPP email servers will be retained and will remain accessible for an extended period of time. It is only the mail transfer functions that are being curtailed. If you want to have some of these messages on LNX120 or on a CIT server you should COPY them from the LEPP email servers. (In Thunderbird, for instance, messages can be copied using the "Message" and "Copy to" pull down menu commands, and folders can be copied using drag and drop in the left hand Thunderbird window. Other browsers have similar functions.) Avoid DELETEing or MOVEing (a MOVE is a copy followed by delete), as the space recovery algorithms in these systems have a significant performance impact. If they timeout, Thunderbird will create many copies of messages in the trash folder.

CIT EMAIL FUTURE PLANS -- You have likely heard that CIT is developing a plan to move the university's email to Microsoft Exchange. Although details have not been finalized, it seems that this will take place over a period of time roughly a year from now. Without firm details it is impossible for us to understand exactly what the impact will be on us. It is unclear how current IMAP mail will "transition" to Exchange, and it is unclear what storage quota limits will be imposed. However, the above recommendations to use CIT servers for active mail transfer and storage, LNS61 and LNSCU5 for mail archive, and LNX120 for mail overflow are consistent with what we do know of CIT's plans. The LEPP computer group and CIT will certainly work hard when the time comes to make the transition to Exchange as successful and painless as possible.

HOW CAN I GET AN ACCOUNT? -- Please email service-lepp@cornell.edu to request an account on this server.

Email Client Configuration

  • choose IMAP, NOT POP
  • incoming IMAP mail server = lnx120.lepp.cornell.edu
  • Under Security, check Use secure connection (SSL) with password authentication (TLS is not supported; do not check "Use secure authentication")
  • port # for IMAP server = 993
  • optional - This imap server is similar to those used by CIT, so you may want to set the "IMAP server directory" or "IMAP Path Prefix" to INBOX. Otherwise, all folders may appear as subfolders of your inbox.
  • To login, use your LEPP unix username and interactive password
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