Standard Linux RAID Filesystems

Host Filesystem Size (GB) Use Contact
lnx106 /nfs/cleoc/mc6 1000 CLEO  
lnx106 /cdat/linux/tem 558 LEPP Computer Group
lnx106 /nfs/grp/blep 550 CLEO Matthew Shepherd
lnx106 /nfs/grp/syr 400 Syracuse  
lnx106 /nfs/grp/ill 500 Illinois Topher Cawlfield
lnx106 /nfs/grp/lut 120 Luther  
lnx106 /nfs/grp/cesr 100 CESR  
lnx106 /nfs/grp/srf2005 1 SRF  
lnx106 /nfs/cms/mc1 30 CMS  
lnx107 /nfs/grp/mn 500 Minnesota Ron Polling
lnx107 /nfs/grp/bbbar 550 CLEO  
lnx107 /nfs/grp/fl 165 Florida John Yelton
lnx107 /nfs/grp/cmu 500 CMU Roy Briere
lnx107 /nfs/grp/pitt 100 Pittsburg David Asner
lnx107 /nfs/grp/pr 200 Puerto Rico Hector Mendez
lnx107 /nfs/grp/gm 100 George Mason  
lnx107 /nfs/grp/nw 200 NW Pete Zweber
lnx107 /nfs/grp/rpi 250 RPI Istvan Danko
lnx107 /nfs/erl/docs 5 ERL  
lnx107 /nfs/cleoc/mc3 775 CLEO  
lnx107 /nfs/cleoc/dedx 50 CLEO  
lnx108 /cdat/linux/tem2 600 LEPP Computer Group
lnx108 /nfs/grp/reu 5 REU Rich Galick
lnx108 /nfs/lcg/catalogs 60 Computer Group Bill Brangan
lnx108 /nfs/cleoc/mc1 1000 CLEO  
lnx108 /nfs/cleoc/mc2 1000 CLEO  
lnx108 /nfs/cleoc/data4 600 CLEO  
lnx109 /nfs/cleoc/data1 1500 CLEO  
lnx109 /nfs/cleoc/data2 1200 CLEO  
lnx109 /nfs/cleoc/mc5 1000 CLEO  
lnx110 /nfs/grp/pu 1000 Purdue  
lnx110 /nfs/grp/ind 200 Indiana  
lnx110 /nfs/cleoc/mc4 1000 CLEO  
lnx110 /nfs/cleoc/mcmon 50 CLEO  
lnx110 /nfs/cleoc/data3 600 CLEO  
lnx110 /nfs/c3mc/mc1 500 CLEO  
lnx112 /nfs/cor/an1 1200 CU Brian Heltsley
lnx112 /nfs/cor/an2 1200 CU Brian Heltsley
lnx112 /nfs/cor/user 500 CU Brian Heltsley
lnx112 /nfs/cor/temp 300 CU Brian Heltsley
lnx112 /nfs/cleoc/mc8 400 CLEO  
lnx114 /nfs/cleoc/mc9 2000 CLEO  
lnx114 /nfs/grp/ro 1000 Rochester Ed Thorndike
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