LogMeIn Use at CLASSE

(This page is in the middle of being updated. Some of LogMeIn's user interface has changed due to Java's new security restrictions.)

CLASSE uses the Web-based LogMeIn service to provide remote access to CLASSE Windows desktop computers.

LogMeIn Web URL

If you would like to be able to access a CLASSE Windows computer from a remote location (e.g. from eduroam, from home, or from another institution), please send a request to service-classe@cornell.edu or use the Web service request form at https://wiki.classe.cornell.edu/Computing/ServiceRequest

A Web URL will be provided to you which will connect your Web browser to the desktop of a specific CLASSE Windows computer. Only one remote session can connect to that computer at a given time.

Example Login Session

  • When you select the LogMeIn computer URL which you were provided, you should get a login prompt in your Web browser which looks like the one below. Enter your CLASSE userid, CLASSE password. Ensure that it specifies the CLASSE login domain:
    capture 16042014 193355.png

  • After logging in to the LogMeIn service, you should get a Remote Control prompt like the one below. Select either of the Remote Control links.
    capture 16042014 193355.png

  • LogMeIn should open a new window. (Sometimes it might prompt you to download an external application, which you should do.)
  • While the network connection is in progress, you should see a progress report in the new window which looks like the one below:
    capture 16042014 193727.png

  • To pass the Control-Alt-Delete key combination to LogMeIn, select the three boxes in the top-right corner of the LogMeIn window:
    capture 16042014 193913.png

  • If the three-boxes icon isn't visible, select the Options menu and use the Ctrl-Alt-Del icon there:
    capture 16042014 193937.png

  • If you use the full-screen mode, you can get the menu by clicking at the very top-center of the screen. It includes both Ctrl-Alt-Del and "goto Windowed mode" options.
    capture 16042014 194013.png
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