Migrating from LNSNTCAD to CLASSE on Windows XP

Preferred method - Upgrade to Windows 7

The preferred method is to upgrade the entire OS to Windows 7 if possible.

Migrating Windows XP installs

If software requirements necessitate keeping Windows XP, this can be done for a time. This is not a long term solution - by April 2014, we will have to disconnect Windows XP computers from all network access to keep using them, severely limiting any usefulness.

User Impacts

You will be changing the account and profile you log in with to a new CLASSE account. CLASSE accounts do not roam profiles - changes are to one computer only. Think of this like getting a new computer. Migrating to CLASSE has some major user impacts:
  1. You may lose access to local files. When your account changes, you no longer are the "owner" of files of the old LNSNTCAD account.
    • Workaround: move all files you need after the migration to appropriate network storage. Network permissions are not affected.
  2. You will get a a new, blank profile when this is done. Remember, this is a new profile. E-mail will need to be re-setup, you will need to import bookmarks and re enter settings to applications.
  3. The computer will no longer be backed up. - CLASSE computers are NOT backed up. All files that need to be backed up must be moved to appropriate network storage.

As you can see, with all the changes, you might as well upgrade to Windows 7 to get some benefits such as continued OS support.

-- JamesPulver - 2012-09-19
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