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Saving Netscape Bookmarks to PC50

***The information contained in this page is only applicable to members of the LEPP community.***

If for some unknown reason your bookmarks have disappeared from your computer, contact Service. Your bookmarks may have been backed up onto tape and might be able to be restored. To guaranty the safety of your bookmarks, you should save them to your user directory on PC50, a.k.a. the 'Z' drive under 'My Computer'. Many users are currently saving them on their local computer and not on PC50, since this is the default for most browsers. In addition, if your bookmarks are on PC50, you will be able to logon to any PC in the LNSNTCAD domain and access your bookmarks.
Please refer to restoring lost bookmarks if you have already lost your bookmarks.


There are two parts to moving your Netscape bookmarks to your User directory on PC50.

Part 1: Moving Your Bookmarks to PC50:
  1. You will need to open two windows, each in a separate directory.
  2. On your desktop, go to My Computer and double click on the Network Drive: Z to open it. Browse to your user folder, and open it.
  3. On your desktop, go to My Computer and double click on the Local Drive: C to open it.
  4. Locate the folder Program Files and open it.
  5. Locate the folder Netscape and open it.
  6. Locate the folder Users and open it.
  7. Locate the folder with your user name and open it.
  8. Locate the file Bookmark.htm.
  9. You need to move this file to your folder on PC50. Click on and drag, cut and paste or copy and paste this file to the window that is open to your folder on PC50.
  10. You can now close these two windows.

Part 2: Pointing Your Browser to PC50:
  1. Start your Nestcape Browser
  2. On the Menu Bar, choose: 'Communicator' and select 'Bookmarks' and then select 'Edit Bookmarks'.
  3. In the new Bookmarks window that opens, choose File from the top Menu Bar. Then select Open Bookmarks File.
  4. In the file directory window that opens, you need to locate the Bookmark.htm file that is in your folder on PC50 (the file you moved above in steps 8 and 9) Select the Bookmark.htm file and click Open
  5. That's it, you're done. The Bookmarks you see in your Browser are now on PC50. Any new bookmarks you save will be saved to your profile on PC50.

Restoring Lost Bookmarks

  1. If your Bookmarks are gone and need to be restored, you first need to contact Service and request for this to be done.
  2. If your Bookmarks have been backed-up, they will be restored to a folder on PC50. You will be notified when this is done and where the restored file is located.
  3. When this is done, you only need to follow the steps outlined above. The only change to the above directions will substituting the new location of the restored Bookmark.htm file for the local C drive in steps 3 thru 9 above.
  4. Move the restored Bookmark.htm to your folder on PC50 as in part one above.
  5. Point your browser to PC50 as outlined in part 2 above
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