New CLASSE Username

CLASSE is in the process of transitioning from legacy LEPP / LNS usernames and passwords to CLASSE usernames and passwords. For business and technical reasons, all CLASSE usernames are based on Cornel NetID's. This will mean a change for many senior LEPP personnel whose LEPP / LNS Username does not match their Cornell NetID.

By default, all users who fall into this category have their CLASSE accounts setup to ensure a consistent environment and continued access to their existing files and directories. In other words, other than logging in with a new username and password, there is nothing you need to do to transition from your old LNS account name to your new CLASSE account name. Taking Selden Ball as an example, this means that seb1 in CLASSE has the same userid and home directory as seb in LNS. Continuing with this example, here are some notes you should be aware of:
  • In order to login to any CLASSE system or service, you must login using your CLASSE username and password (for example, seb1).
  • In order to login to any legacy LEPP / LNS system or service, you must login using your LNS username and password (for example, seb).
  • If you look at a file you own from a CLASSE system, you will see that the file is owned by your CLASSE username. If you look at that same file from a legacy system, you will see that the file is owned by your LNS username.
  • Regardless of whether you login to a CLASSE or LNS Unix system, your home directory will be the same (for example, /home/seb).
  • Any directories named based on your username will not change unless you rename it yourself (for example, \\samba\user\seb).
  • Anytime you are prompted for "CLASSE," "CLASSE Username," "CLASSE Credentials," or "CLASSE Authentication," use your CLASSE username and password. Anytime you are prompted for W4restrict, LNS, or LEPP credentials, use your legacy LNS username and passwords. A non-definititive list of systems and services that authenticate with one system or another is available at ClasseAuthentication .

In order to make sure you know your CLASSE username and password, you can try logging in to lnx201.classe.cornell.edu or accessing the following wiki page: https://wiki.classe.cornell.edu/Sandbox/Testauth/WebHome .

Please see CLASSESinglePassword for more information on CLASSE passwords, including steps you can take to unify your passwords and ease the ongoing and gradual migration from legacy authentication systems (LEPP, LNS, and CHESS) to CLASSE.

Option for new account

For personal preference, some users have chosen to use the transition to CLASSE as an opportunity to start over with a clean, new account. For these users, we would proceed by creating a brand new NetID based account in both CLASSE and LNS. For example, dlk is legacy account in the LNS authentication system, while dlk8 is a "current" account in both LNS and CLASSE. The legacy account would still exist in the LNS domain and be usable on LNS systems, but would not exist in the CLASSE domain or be usable on CLASSE systems or services. The new NetID based account would exist in both. Some reasons to choose this option include:
  • an opportunity to start with a clean account, ridding yourself of all the muck of ages
  • avoid the opportunities for confusion outlined above (for example, you login to LNS as seb and CLASSE as seb1, in both cases your home directory is /home/seb and your user directory is \\samba\user\seb, etc.)
  • you desire a single account name that can be used everywhere (both in CLASSE and in LEPP / LNS)

If you choose this option, here are some notes you should be aware of.
  • The new account will start with a default environment and setup scripts. So, you will need to update your home directory and login scripts to your liking.
  • The default for new accounts is bash. If your LNS account used tcsh and you would like to switch to bash with your CLASSE account, your login scripts would need to be translated from tcsh to bash. Please open a ServiceRequest for any assistance.
  • The new account will not necessarily have access to files and directories owned by the old account. Account ownership and group permissions will need to be set appropriately to give the new account access to any old directories or files.
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