New Web Site Organization Proposal

This was first proposed at a 12/7/2005 meeting to various representatives within LEPP.

Each area or activity is assumed to have an "about" page, usually the highest level page for the area.

About LEPP

  • History
  • Administration
  • Events
  • Visiting
  • Contact Us
  • Inside LEPP -- links to support and facilities "intranet" sites

Education & Outreach

  • Resources for Teachers
  • K-12 Opportunities
  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Events


The organization of this area should reflect the long-term activities of the lab, so projects can com and go without changing the overall structure. This should also facilitate delelgation of activity areas and projects within an area. How this fits with user/visitor expectations is discussed on the SiteUserExperience page.

Accelerator Physics

  • CESR (w/links to CESR intranet)
  • ILC
  • ERL - link to separate site?
  • SRF
  • People
  • Graduate Study
  • Events

EPP Experimental

  • CLEO - needs different branding as the collaboration "home" site, links to CLEO inranet
  • CMS
  • ILC
  • People
  • Graduate Study
  • Events

EPP Theory

  • Research Topics
  • People
  • Graduate Study
  • Events


Is this a separate research area, or should there be sub-areas of EPP Theory similar to the sub-areas of EPP Experimental?

  • Research Topics
  • People
  • Graduate Study
  • Events

Special Cases

These areas have special document management requirements.


"Events" is listed as a category under each area, plus as an aggregate at the "About LEPP" level. It probably will make sense to have the actual management for local conferences as a reusable application.

Preprints and Publications

Preprints and publications should move to a document management system such as the FNAL DocDB system. Legacy URLs must redirect to the system (e.g., via apache mod_rewrite rules) so that the large number of links embedded in SPIRES and ArXiv continue to function.

Internal Documents

Internal documents (e.g., CBX notes) should be self-published and versioned. Publishing a draft internal document should be simple and quick, as should updating. Old versions should be recoverable. An integrated comment or forum system is desirable; RSS feeds of document publications is highly desirable.

Meeting Agendas

Agenda construction and presentation/paper collection integrated with the internal document management system.


Web based submission system, with approval of the preprints secretary for publication. Automatic format conversions (e.g., PDF generation from postscript) would be nice.

Publications Office

  • Consistent keywords, descriptions, other metadata; preferably in a standard representation (e.g., RDF). Generating an appropriate taxonomy will take some work.
  • Publication information--what papers has a figure been used in? Desirable to make the figure publicly accessible when a paper containing that figure is published.
  • Multiple views, dyamically generated. Searchable by topic, should include galleries of "PR" figures
  • Integrate other electronic image archives?

Drafting Shop

  • Internal archiving determined by drafting workflow requirements
  • Publication process loosely coupled to the drafting internal system, determined by internal and external access requirements


Is there any commonality here, or are we stuck with a different elog system for every activity?

-- DanRiley - 09 Nov 2005
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