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January 12, 2011

Special Physical Sciences Building edition

Today's topics:

Networking in the PSB

  • Each LEPP office in the PSB has three networks available to it:
    1. Cornell Red Rover wireless (WiFi) network
    2. LEPP "public" wired network
      • Only for desktop computers managed by LEPP, this network connects to the public Internet. Labeled "public" network cables have been provided which (usually) connect to the "A1" wall jacks.
    3. LEPP "protected" wired network
      • For use by laptop computers registered on the LEPP network, this network connects to the Internet by way of a NAT router. This is the same network as is available in Newman and Wilson Labs as "LNS Protected". Labeled "protected" network cables have been provided which (usually) connect to the "A2" wall jacks. To register your laptop for use on the "protected" network, see https://wiki.lepp.cornell.edu/lepp/bin/view/Computing/LaptopRegistration Be sure to register both wired and wireless network interfaces.
    4. The "LNS Protected" wireless network is NOT available in the PSB and cannot be provided.

  • WARNING: your computer must not be connected to both the LEPP wired and Red Rover wireless networks at the same time. Doing so will cause many problems, some of which are not immediately obvious. You MUST disable your computer's wireless network interface when you connect to the LEPP wired "protected" network. Similarly, you MUST disable your computer's wired network interface when you connect to Cornell's Red Rover wireless network.

Printing in the PSB

  • Laptop users
    • To print on a LEPP printer while you are in the PSB, you must be connected to LEPP's "protected" wired network using the ethernet connection of your laptop computer. LEPP printers currently are not available by way of the Red Rover wireless network, although we are investigating possible solutions. As a result, if you want to print from your laptop, you must disable wireless networking. Your computer must not be connected to two networks at the same time. See the Networking items above.

  • Desktop users
    • Since LEPP desktop computers are connected to the LEPP public network, you should be able to print using the same methods as before, whatever method is appropriate for the operating system installed on the computer.

  • The third floor printer, PSB3_BR_5370, will be moving from PSB 332 to its permanent home in PSB 361 within the next week or so, as soon as networking becomes available there.

  • The fourth floor printer, currently still called N327_XRX_4510, is likely to get its name changed in the near future, when a new printer is installed on the third floor of Newman Lab. We expect this to happen in early February. when people start moving into Newman Lab offices.

  • Color printing is being investigated.

Cordless Phones in the PSB

  • All cordless telephones in the PSB must comply with standard DECT 6.0 in order to avoid interfering with Red Rover's WiFi signals. Any phone which causes interference is likely to be confiscated. DECT compliant phones are readily available, but many older cordless phones are NOT compliant.

Video Conferencing in the PSB

  • Collaborating between offices in LEPP's three buildings
    • Desk-to-desk collaboration software is being investigated.

  • PSB Conference Rooms

      Meeting rooms available to LEPP  
Room Capacity Comments Room Description Managed By
120 120 Auditorium Seating Seminar Room AEP now, PSB Facility Staff in future
201 18 14 at table PSB Conference Room PSB Facility Staff
301 24 16 at table PSB Conference Room LEPP (probably)
308 8 No AV (maybe later) LEPP Meeting Room LEPP
401 58 34 at table Seminar/Conference Room; has Polycom unit PSB Facility Staff
403 12 6 at table LEPP Meeting Room LEPP
425B ? not schedulable yet LEPP GA Meeting Room LEPP
425G 6   LEPP GA Meeting Room LEPP
425K ? not schedulable yet LEPP GA Meeting Room LEPP
438 16 8 at table LEPP Meeting Room LEPP
470 16 10 at table LEPP Meeting Room LEPP
  • The rooms managed by LEPP are available to LEPP, LASSP, A&EP and Chemistry faculty and staff; priority is given to LEPP
  • All meeting rooms will be scheduled using Exchange Calendaring. As of 1/13/11, all rooms except 425B and 425G can be scheduled. Those rooms have been submitted to CIT, so we should be able to schedule them soon.
  • All meeting rooms have a display device (projector/screen and/or HDTV). Room 401 has Polycom videoconferencing equipment that is ready to use as of January 11, 2011.

  • Video Conference cart
    • A Videoconference Cart should be available for use as of January 19, 2011. Initially, it will only work in Room 301; more rooms to be added later.

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