March 21, 2011

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  • Michael Roman will be giving Exchange calendaring training sessions sometime in the next week or two. If you plan to attend a training session, or you have questions you want answered or issues you want raised, please send an email to mrr1@cornell.edu as soon as possible

  • Exchange accounts (including room accounts) at Cornell "ship" from CIT with an owner and no delegates.
  • Privileges are initially set to "Free/Busy time", which means anyone at Cornell with an Exchange account can see whether a person or room is free or busy at a particular time.
  • It is possible for a person (or people that person has granted sufficient privileges to) to double book him/herself. No one should be able to double book a room.
  • Meeting rooms that CLASSE staff use have:
    1. An room Owner (a member of the Computer Group)
    2. Default privileges changed to display "Free/Busy time, subject, location". Anyone can see whether a room is free or busy at a particular time and the subject and location of meeting scheduled for a room.
    3. People with room "Editor" privileges (these people can create, read, edit, and delete all meetings):
      1. everyone in CLASSE Business Offices
      2. the OWNERS of the room (1 or 2 members of the Computer Group)
      3. the PSB building manager has "Editor" privileges for rooms at the PSB
  • You should not be able to see in detail the calendar of any room when you book a meeting in that room. You will ONLY be able to see the subject and location of a meeting and whether that room is free or busy. This setup is designed to keep rooms from being double booked.
  • Suggestions for scheduling a meeting:
    • When booking a room, USE THE SCHEDULING ASSISTANT
    • Make sure YOU are the meeting organizer. If you have sufficient privileges and you book a room with the ROOM as the meeting organizer, you might end up double booking that room WITHOUT KNOWING IT.
    • To cut down on the number of emails, invite the person or room that is hardest to book FIRST; then modify the meeting by adding other invitees after the initial invitation is accepted. Usually you should book the room first.
  • Common Calendar Functions are described here: http://www.cit.cornell.edu/services/outlook/howto/calendar/index.cfm
  • How to Propose a Meeting described on this page: http://www.cit.cornell.edu/services/outlook/howto/calendar/cal-meet.cfm

Use lnx201 instead of lns101

lnx201.lepp.cornell.edu is available as a general-use linux server. In general, users should use lnx201 where they used to use lns101 (an aging Tru64 unix server). Please email service-lepp@cornell.edu if you have any trouble using lnx201, or if you believe there's a reason you need to continue using lns101.

Printing -- Use PC221, not PC00

  • On Tuesday we plan on removing the print sharing queues from PC00. Please check your 'printers and fax' folder and if any are from PC00, delete these queues and add the printer from PC221 (our main windows print server). You should always add a printer from pc221. If you have questions or are experiencing print problems, please email the computer group at service-lepp@cornell.edu.
  • We will be deploying a new brother printer to Newman lab room #329 on Monday or Tuesday. This printer is for general public use and will do duplex. The new printer name is n329_br_5370.
  • PSB3_BR_5370 has been moved to PSB 361; N223_BRN_5370 has been moved to Newman 205


We are going to be doing maintenance on the Domain Controllers to install Windows Updates on Tuesday, 3/22/2011 between 10AM and Noon. There should be no user disruption.

Videoconference Equipment

  • We will be removing the PolyCom ViewStation from Newman 311
  • We would like to remove the Windows PCs from every conference room as soon as we reasonably can. Announcements will be posted on each of those PCs; please address questions or concerns to service-lepp@cornell.edu

Windows 7 and CLASSE configuration fix

  • Windows 7 computers have been slightly mis-configured and have allowed users to create folders on the root of the C drive. This was not intended, and we will be pushing out a fix this week. Users should not create folders in the root of C such as C:\folder.
  • If you have created folders in the root of C, they may no longer let you update them after this configuration change. Please move them to appropriate locations such as C:\TEMP\folder or appropriate RAID space. Feel free to open a service request for help.
  • This does not affect Windows XP Computers on LNSNTCAD.

General network and server maintenance will occur every Tuesday from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM. The CLASSE-IT group will always announce any expected disruptions in our NewsLetter and via CLASSE-IT-NEWS-L, but with the size and complexity of our network there is always the potential for something to go wrong. We will do our best to contain all network maintenance and planned outages to Tuesdays from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM.

Unless other arrangements have been made, CLASSE-managed Windows systems may be updated and rebooted on Tuesday morning at 2:00 AM, so please avoid critical or lengthy operations at that time. For more details, please see SystemExpectations.

Questions or problems? Submit a service request.

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