test all batteries

2 laser pointers + batteries

2 presentation remotes + batteries

2 spare batteries for laser pointer and pres remotes

2 9V batteries

1 laptop
  • equipment
    • vga connection (eg mdp<->vga)
    • hdmi connection (eg mdp<->hdmi)
    • ethernet connection (eg usb<->ethernet or thunderbolt<->ethernet if no built-in xfc)
    • usb hub
    • 2 flash drives
  • procedures
    • install box sync
    • make aliases to speaker folders in box folder
    • make sure screen saver doesn't nail you

remove all batteries from all devices, do NOT store devices with batteries installed.

All Hands page?
  • set up folders on Cornell Box
  • send form letter to speakers
    • see last form letter
    • allow own laptops, but encourage use of ccg laptop
    • add ppt pdf pros and cons
    • make sure speaker is ID'ed in file name
  • post talks
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