Outside Support Information

While the CLASSE-IT group is dedicated to helping all CLASSE members with their computer requests, we can provide only limited assistance with problems encountered on personally owned systems or for systems which we don't administer.

While we cannot provide specific support for home and non-CLASSE computers, we do occasionally get a chance to look at various products and sites that provide help to home users. Sites and services that we are aware of will be listed here. These are only suggestions and not specific recommendations of sites, services or products.

Do It Yourself Online Support

Service URL Free or pay Speciality
Reddit /r/techsupport https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/ Free Forum dedicated to helping with computer problems
DSL Reports http://www.dslreports.com Free Forum for general computing problems
Neowin.net http://www.neowin.net/forum/ Free Forums for hardware and software problems
Annoyances.org http://www.annoyances.org/ Free Site listing tips to change how Windows works or work around annoyances
Stackexchange https://stackexchange.com/sites# Free Over 170 different expert communities that provide a knowledge base for all topics, including at least 4 related to computers
Experts-Exchange http://www.experts-exchange.com Pay Ask questions from a large pool of knowledgeable computer users
Comodo Virus / Malware removal http://forums.comodo.com/virusmalware_removal_assistance-b58.0/ Free Helping clean up virus infections

CLASSEComputingSuggestions - how CLASSE computer group members set up their home computers.

Professional Remote On - Line Support (Broadband Internet Required)

Service URL Free or pay Speciality
Comodo Live PC Support http://www.livepcsupport.com/ Pay Various options for remote troubleshooting, software configuration and malware cleanup
Microsoft Support http://www.microsoft.com/hk/protect/support/default.mspx Both Depending on what sort of support you need, there are Free Virus support and Paid general Phone support options.

Professional Local Support

The following is an incomplete list of companies in the local area which may be able to help with computer problems. Typical support charges are $60-$100 per hour plus parts; more for immediate emergency service. We cannot provide recommendations for any particular service.
Company Contact Info Services provided
The Computing Center (607) 275-3524
15 Thornwood Dr
Windows and Macintosh computer support, printer and peripheral repair, hard drive recovery, web design
Computer Gurus (607) 277-4878
Windows, Unix/Linux, and Macintosh computer support, networking, security, programming, web design
The Computer Room (607) 277-8336
619 W State St, Suite 6
Windows and Macintosh computers, iPods and mp3 players, printers
Easy Mobile Tech/Staples 1-866 439-8327
General Personal computing support
Geek Squad/Best Buy 1-800 433-5778
Pyramid Mall
General Personal computing support

Useful Downloads


We have created several scripts that have been used on CLASSE systems to protect against the USB malware. They are portable, and are available at the bottom of this page as .zip files which you can download. To use, extract the .zip file to a folder, and run the appropriate file:

  • autorundisable.zip: This will disable AutoRun and update Windows. You may need to reboot - run autorundisable.exe

  • DisableINF.zip: This will disable another method to run files on opening a flash drive. It will reboot your PC - DisableINF.exe

  • ScanPChome.zip: This will attempt to see if you may be infected. Can have False Positives - ScanPChome.exe

Third Party free tools

If your computer is infected, you will need to contact an appropriate HOME support provider as described above. CLASSE cannot assist in cleaning home computers.

Security Software (including Anti-Virus)

  • Two security vendors offering free products which seem to work well, as well as paid upgrades that have been rated good:
    • Antivir from http://www.free-av.com/ download the Personal version for free. Note that on updates once a day you are prompted to upgrade, you can just click OK on the dialog. Their paid product offers more anti-malware, such as anti-spyware.
    • Comodo offers a suite of programs at http://www.comodo.com/ . These include a Firewall/AV/HIPS suite called CIS. Their paid support is also worth considering if you need help with dealing with virus infections.
  • Cornell's central IT organization recommends the use of Microsoft's SCEP. See http://www.it.cornell.edu/services/antivirus/howto/windows/index.cfm
  • Hijack This is a often used software to detect spyware infections available here: http://www.trendsecure.com/portal/en-US/tools/security_tools/hijackthis
    There is also an online analyzer here: http://hjt.networktechs.com/ and many of the forums on the internet have sections for Hijack This logs... See above. PLEASE use the proper forums as indicated on the sites for Hijack This logs.

These are just suggestions. You should evaluate your vulnerabilities and what protections your home computer needs, including the availablity of support from local providers. CLASSE cannot provide any assistance in managing home computers.


CLASSE is providing a modified USB Malware Test that may be used from most linux systems. For more information, please see USB Malware test.

Certified Desktop Tools

Users with Cornell-owned individual productivity computers that are not managed by CLASSE-IT may meet the security goals of Certified Desktop using tools of their choice. However, to qualify for Certified Desktop compliance, these tools must be evaluated by Cornell IT Security Office (security-services@cornell.edu).

Some of the CIT tools for Certified Desktop can be installed on user-managed systems, as described below.

Spirion (confidential data scanning)

Cornell provides licenses for Spirion to be installed on Cornell-owned computers:

Code42/Crashplan (cloud-based continuous backup)

Cornell-owned computers that are not managed by Cornell or by CLASSE-IT can make use of Code42 for cloud-based continuous backup. However, these computers must be registered through a unit that is set up with Cornell's Code42 service. Unfortunately, CLASSE is currently not such a unit.
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