AppsAnywhere: Self Service Software Packages (New October 2018)

CLASSE has deployed a new Windows application virtualization product, AppsAnywhere. CLASSE IT has currently configured AppsAnywhere to provide Windows applications on Windows - on demand. Please see AppsAnywhere for further instructions.

Cameyo: Selected Self-Service Software Packages (Previous to September 2018)

CLASSE now has a limited selection of "self-service software" available for use on CLASSE-managed Windows computers. We have verified that these packages run properly on our Windows systems, but otherwise, we do not provide assistance with using them. We make these packages available because of regular user requests, but we do not have resources to fully support them at CLASSE.

These programs have been "virtualized" by a program called Cameyo. They have been packaged in a way which avoids having to run an installer and which provides some protection against them damaging Windows.

How to use

Download the package you are interested in using from https://www.classe.cornell.edu/~software/private/software/Cameyo/

Place the .exe file somewhere on your Windows computer, e.g. in your Downloads directory, on your desktop or in C:\TEMP. Then Double Click on the downloaded file's icon to run the program. The first time one of these progams is run, it'll be rather slow to start. Subsequent startups will be reasonably fast.


  • Per the terms of the Cameyo license, this software must be run only on CLASSE-owned computers, not personal computers.
  • We will not notify you of updates to the software: you must periodically check back for updates. You can download over the existing exe file.
  • When using a Cameyo-distributed application for the first time, we recommend doing so while connected to a CLASSE network (via ethernet or OpenVPN), so that it can be properly initialized.

What is available?

The files are linked here: https://www.classe.cornell.edu/~software/private/software/Cameyo/

Software Comments on use
Adobe Reader
NOT REQUIRED TO VIEW/EDIT PDFs! Please use for special purposes only, after consulting with the Computer Group (we need to provide special instructions/caveats). For normal PDF viewing, please use your pre-installed PDF-Xchange Viewer.
Special company specific PCB Editor. Please contact Service if you don't KNOW you need to use this.
Used to contact the CLASSE XMPP server from Windows

Adobe Reader is for special use only, all managed computers have a PDF viewer and editor already installed.

What about my program?

We will entertain requests for other software to be added to this selected set of software. CLASSE will need to ensure the licensing is appropriate, so the best candidates would be "free" or open-source programs. We may reject an application for many reasons, but here are the main ones:

  • The software license doesn't let us use it on a Cornell computer. (Many "free" programs are only free when used on personally owned computers.)
  • The software duplicates the functionality of an existing, supported tool.
  • The software can already be run by standard users.
  • The software doesn't work with our packaging method.

Submit a ServiceRequest to suggest additional software to be made available with Cameyo.

-- JamesPulver - 09 Aug 2013
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