1. The only exception to submitting your own service requests are if your direct supervisor submits a request. This may be necessary if you need something that would require supervisor approval.
    • Many software installation requests need to come through a supervisor. It is best to check with your supervisor first, and have them submit the install request.
  2. Check your E-Mail! If we do not recieve responses to inquiries on service requests, we cannot continue to work on the problem. This will delay your issues resolution. After one week waiting for a reply, we close open requests, meaning you have to start over. Even an "I need to get information, I will respond to this ticket next week" is helpful as it gives us a timeframe for when the ticket will be important again.
  3. Open one(1) and only one ticket for a given issue. Reply to RT responses to apply the information to the open ticket.
  4. Have one(1) and only one issue per ticket. This way we can resolve and track per issue, rather than completing 3 out of 4 issues on a ticket, and the last getting lost in the flurry. Plus this way you know if we think we've fixed the problem, and you can easily direct us at the issue if the fix didn't work out by replying to the last message.
  5. It is unnecessary to reply to an e-mail from RT that has Set-Status: resloved in it. This is closing the ticket. Replying re-opens the ticket. Make sure you want to re-open the ticket if you reply.

-- JamesPulver - 28 Sep 2006
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