Special Use Computers

CLASSE IT has a standard computer configuration that most users are familiar with. These computer categories encompass computing devices that are not the standard computer configuration. A computer that is special use is also task specific - intended to be used to run one program or do one very specialized task. Other functionality is curtailed - you won't want to try to perform tasks these categories were not configured to do on the computers in them as the tasks will very likely fail. A list of existing categories follow with information about what they can and can't do. In any case where you need more information, please contact CLASSE IT via a service request.

Kiosk computers

  • These computers are configured to run as a specific kiosk user account.
  • You will not be able to log into your own CLASSE account.
  • Update schedules will vary for the kiosk.

Hardware Control Computers

The second most common configuration are various categories of computers running specialized programs for controlling hardware or programming PLCs and the like.

CHESS PLC Programming Laptops

  • Configured to talk to Do-More and C-More PLCs.
  • Limited network access.
    • Outgoing connections are only allowed:
      • KMS Server for OS activation
      • for management and samba access
      • for direct access to C-More hardware
    • Even if you connect to other networks, connections in and out will not work.

CHESS Vacuum laptops

  • Configured to not install updates.
  • Limited network access
    • No access to any user network service including
      • samba
      • printing

Survey Laptops

  • Configured to run SA and related software
  • Firewall is disabled on both private networks also

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