Starting Evo From a LEPP Desktop PC

  1. Start firefox
    • browse to evo.caltech.edu
    • set a bookmark (Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page -> + Add)
    • exclude vrvs.org and evo.caltech.edu from popup blocking ( Edit -> Preferences -> Content -> Block Popup Windows -> Allowed Sites -> Address of web site -> Allow)
    • download koala.jnlp to the desktop.
      • click the start button on the evo webpage
      • when it asks what to do with koala.jnlp, select "save to Disk"; by default, this should have been downloaded to the desktop
  2. associate with koala.jnlp with javaws. (/usr/bin/javaws)
    • find the koala.jnlp file on the desktop; right click on it; select "open with Other Application"
    • click on "Use a custom command" type in javaws, and click on Open
    • click open, then click open again
  3. register a new user and password for this vrvs machine location
    • click "need to register" (or you can use an existing evo id and password temporarily, if necessary)
    • fill out the form
      • Login=
      • First Name=
      • Email= (evo requires a unique login/email address combination)
      • Your City=
      • to complete the registration, an email confirmation must be responded to
    • once you received a login and password, enter them into the login window, click "save password", click ok
  4. configure the EVO tools for your desktop PC.
    • Configuration->VideoConferenceClient
    • Select EVO Tools
    • Check Auto Transmit Audio
    • Check Auto Transmit Video
    • click "save"
    • click "close" when you're done
  5. To test your EVO configuration
    • Select "EVO TV" or "Testing" meeting listed under the Universe tab
    • click Yes to Join
    • To exit the current meeting, under the tab Current Meeting, click Leave this meeting.
  6. To exit the EVO session
    • Either click Koala -> Exit or click the red X in the upper right corner
    • Select Yes to Quit
  7. Set the firefox to use javaws automatically (without prompting) for koala.jnlp
    • Close the current evo session
    • Click the start button on the evo webpage
    • This time, select "open with javaws (default)"
    • Check the box for "Do this automatically for files like this from now on."
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