DECUS Anaheim '96 Summary

DECUS Anaheim '96 Summary

Linda thought she sent this to the list, but I did not see it immediately. It
may be a repeat. Includes the note that AltaVista software that was in the CSLG
prior to 1 Oct, will be returned to CSLG (newer packages such as Search wil be
discounted...frankly I am counting on a minimum of 80% discount!)

See below.

Margaret H. Knox                        email: m.knox@cc.utexas.edu
Associate Director                      fax:   (512)475-9282
Academic Computing & IT Services        phone: (512)475-9300/9224
The University of Texas at Austin       zip:   78712

 DECUS Anaheim

     The notes below represent a summary of the general education session at
     DECUS and our BOF at DECUS in Anaheim last month.

     The general session agenda follows:

          General Overview and status of the education/research business
          The Sales Model for Education
          Software -- mainly the disposition of the AltaVista products and
    CA products

     There were numerous queries/comments about how the account
     management model is working. With your information, together with
     that of customers we have met at other conferences and
     individually, we are reviewing the whole issue. I can tell you
     that for ORDERING (not account management at this point), you can
     call 1-800-DIGITAL. I have been up to the new call center and
     have been extremely impressed with the operation). The software
     discussion continued at the BOF.

     CA announced that they would continue participation in CSLG with their
     OpenVMS and UNIX Polycenter Products.

     A meeting between Jesse Lipcon and Ilene Lang was the catalyst for
     AltaVista Internet Software Business to reevaluate their education
     offering.   The products that have been on CSLG will continue to be there.
     New products will be offered at a significant educational discount on a
     line item basis.

     As a result of the executive meeting Linda also took the action item
     to work with Latin America and ensure that our programs are
     available and promoted there. She has already begun that process
     and will be working initially with Brasil, Venezuela and Mexico.
     I took the action item to work with the Asia/Pacific region. We will
     will report progress at the end of December.

     CSLG/DECcampus BOF:

     Both CSLG and DECcampus are complex programs, but they are felt
     to be crucial to their respective customers. We agreed to do work
     on the content of the programs and keep them alive and well for
     the time being. We will also be developing the structure of a new
     software program that will be offered as an alternative to
     CSLG/DECcampus. Our immediate actions are the following:

          Begin with 5 royalty based products to develop a process.
          These will include DCE and Teamlinks

          Review the royalty contracts.  If there are no royalties for
          educational customers, the product will automatically continue in
          CSLG/DECcampus.  If there are royalties for educational customers,
          we will attempt a renegotiation.  In the event that a royalty must
          be paid for educational customers, we will have to evaluate a cost
          and pass it on to you, the customer.

     We are also aware of the need for early warning on change of
     ownership status of software products. I am working to find a
     more certain process to ensure that your needs are taken into
     account at the initiation of negotiations, and that we, the
     Digital folk, can be working behind the scenes to make smooth
     transitions for you.

     A few other issues on which we took action items, but which do not
     currently have specific dates for clarification/closure:

        Reevaluation of ESL
        Perpetual CSLG contract
        Per call fee structure for DSN link
        A more robust NT software offering for education

     I have promised a status update on December 31.  Please take a look at
     our Web site -- http://www.digital.com/info/education.  This is a beta
     version.  I expect to update it at the beginning of the New Year.

     Jean Bonney
     Director, Education/Research Business
     Digital Equipment Corporation

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