TEI Education Update -- 31 December 1996

TEI Education Update -- 31 December 1996

Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 13:17:30 -0500
From: Jean Bonney <lclark@mkots3.enet.dec.com>

First of all -- I hope each and every one of you  has had a peaceful,
restful, and healthy holiday season.  As promised, I am giving you an
update on some of the issues on which we are working.

In general, I would like to suggest that if you have a specific query
you want one of us on the Digital team to answer, that  you will send
us mail -- and we will answer.  If the question and answer are of
interest to a wider audience, then we can post it on the listserv
and/or include it on our website.

Linda Clark has NO access to the listserv at the moment for either
sending or receiving messages!

Key Digital staff

Jean Bonney - worldwide        Linda Clark - Americas
bonney@mail.dec.com             lclark@mkots3.enet.dec.com

508-467-8349                    508-884-5608

Lisa McCarthy-CSLG US          Brendan Noonan-Europe
mccarthyli@mail.dec.com        bnoonan@galvia.enet.dec.com
800-277-8988                    353-91-754673

Dominique Gillot - Europe/HPC

AltaVista & CA Polycenter

The AltaVista products that were previously in the Digital software
offerings for education have been reinstated in those offerings.  We
are still working on how the newer products -- e.g. AltaVista Search
-- will be handled.   Currently, all are available at a 65% discount
off list.

There is no permanent resolution to the CA Polycenter products.  They
will remain in the software offerings until further notice -- and the
notice will be adequate.


We feel that we are in a much better position to be aware and
participate in the negotiation of pending sales of software products.
  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that we will know of ALL sale of
software products.  You will be advised of retirement of products as
soon as they are available.  We will post the list to the listserv as
well as the web site.  In both cases, you will have the same notice as
other customers.


Linda has been working on 5 products -- Teamlinks, DECNSR, DCE, Motif,
LSM.  There will be a special offer of Teamlinks to ALL CSLG/DECcampus
customers, after which Teamlinks will not longer be part of the
software offering.  Subsequently, it will be available at 50% of list.
 There is nothing specific to report on the others at this point.  We
will post another update on 31 January.


Just this week a job offer was accepted by a Digital employee whose
total job responsibility will be ESL and educational service
offerings.  We will be meeting with Peggy Martin soon to get the ball
rolling on the issues.  One issue that has been addressed -- there
will be a royalty charge to customers for the Pathworks product.

YEAR 2000

I have a proposal on this challenge for CSLG.  I will put it out for
your comment in the not too distant future.


Linda is linked into the Digital subsidiaries in Brasil, Venezuela,
and Mexico.  She is working with them to expand educational program
offerings and to ensure that they are promoted and visible to the
academic community.  I have made contact with our Asia/Pacific area
and have identified the appropriate staff in each country.  I will be
working with them to put the appropriate educational program offerings
in place.


There will be more to relate on this within the next three months.  I
have been working on some specific instances of campuses at which I
know there have been some difficulties.  No one size fits all.  We
will need to make some decisions on a manageable set of model(s).

I believe I have highlighted the major topics we discussed at DECUS.
 Please let me know if I have missed something.  We have nothing to
report on the following:

Perpetual CSLG contract
DSN link pricing on a per call basis
Additional NT software offerings

Our next update will be at the end of January.

Digital Equipment Corporation
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