Linux Tem Disk

One general-purpose linux tem disk is available for temporary storage. It can be accessed as follows

  1. /cdat/tem from linux
  2. \\samba\tem from Windows. Please see Connecting To A Linux Machine From Windows for more information on accessing Linux filesystems from Windows.

In addition to network-accessible RAID filesystems, each linux system has local /tmp and /var/tmp space that can also be used for temporary storage.

Automatic file deletion policies


The /cdat/tem filesystem is subject to the following auto-cleanup policy (see Disk_cleanup_policy.readme in the root directory of the filesystem).

If the disk usage is over a high water mark of 80%, file that has not been accessed for the past 30 days will be marked as a candidate to be removed, the oldest on this list will then be deleted until the disk usage reached a low water mark of 70%.

/tmp and /var/tmp

The /tmp and /var/tmp directories are local to each Linux system and are not backed up. Files in /tmp that have not been accessed in the past 10 days and files in /var/tmp that have not been accessed in the past 30 days are deleted nightly.

Many projects or groups will have their own "temp" disks. These do not have automatic file deletion policies, and are not backed up. For example, Accelerator users have access to /nfs/acc/temp.
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