Text Editor Packages available at CLASSE

These packages currently available under Scientific Linux 7 (usless noted to work in SL6) . They are accessible from Windows and macOS via X2Go. No WBS required.

  • Gedit (avaible on SL6) - To run, type
  • Pluma - To run, type
  • ed - To run, type
  • Emacs - To run, type
    • SL7 users may need use X2Go compatible versions:
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-25.3-gtk2.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-26.3-gtk2.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-26.3-gtk3.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-26.3-lucid.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-27.1-gtk2.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-27.1-gtk3.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-28.1-gtk3.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-28.1-lucid.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-29.1-gtk3.sl7/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-29.1-lucid.sl7/bin/emacs
    • EL9 versions:
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-28.2.el9/bin/emacs
    • /nfs/opt/emacs-29.1-gtk3.el9/bin/emacs
    • A short tutorial can be found here: Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing Intro to Emacs
  • KWrite - To run, type
  • Vi or Vim - To run, type
    or type
  • JOE - Joe's Own Editor - To run, type

Please note, to request packages be installed locally on CLASSE managed Windows 10 and macOS systems, please submit a request to service-classe@cornell.edu with the appropriate WBS, as local installs would require scheduled labor, if they not available in AppsAnywhere.
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