Tuff Test Lite

This is a poor man's CPU/Motherboard/VRAM/Video tester. This is definately not the best or most exhaustive, but is the only free one I've found. We may want to reconsider purchasing a better diagnostic tool to fill this slot.


When using this tool, make sure to run single area tests, or to exclude LPT ports. It will hang if there is not a parallel port printer connected. Actually it might hang if you do connect such a printer, I haven't tested.

In general we are interested in the motherboard DMA, processor/coprocessor and Video RAM/controller tests. The rest are better accounted for in our other tools. As these are quick and not terribly effective tests, if one does fail (I haven't seen this yet, but then I haven't tried it on a known bad PC with a part failure that would map to the above tests) it's likely the part is bad. Again, I wouldn't rely soley on this tool.

-- JamesPulver - 26 Feb 2007
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