1. Download the attached CLASSEvpn.zip: Tunnelblick 3.8.4beta07 (build 5590); application, w/ CLASSE configuration and instructions (tblk.pdf)
  2. Double-click to expand the .zip file, if it isn't expanded already
  3. Double-click the Tunnelblick app icon -or- drag the Tunnelblick icon to your /Applications folder
  4. Supply the asked for administrative credentials
  5. with Tunnelblick running,install the CLASSE configuration by dropping the CLASSE.tblk icon on the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar
  6. If this is your first run of Tunnelblick, you may be asked:
    • to allow moving Tunnelblick to the /Applications folder, which you should allow
    • if you have configuration files - CLASSE.tblk is the configuration file needed
    • whether to check for updates - allow this
    • you should NOT check for IP address changes
    • whether to install Configuration for all users - click on the "All Users" button
  7. You should see confirmation of a successful install; click on the "Launch" button to launch Tunnelblick
  8. For MacOS High Sierra (10.13) and higher:
    • The first run of Tunnelblick will display a "System Extension Blocked" warning; click on "Open Security Preferences":
      Error: (3) can't find SysBlock.png in Computing
    • Click on the "Allow" button in the lower right of the Security & Privacy Preferences Pane
      Error: (3) can't find SecurityPrivacy.png in Computing
    • You may need to restart your Mac
  9. Tunnelblick might ask to check if the apparent public IP address changed - click the "Do not check for a change" button
  10. Note that the security certificate and configuration file are installed as part of this procedure, so it is not necessary to perform the configuration steps described below.

How to launch
  1. double-click the Tunnelblick application; a dark tunnel icon should appear in your menu bar
  2. to connect, select "Connect CLASSE" from the Tunnelblick menu
    • the first time you launch Tunnelblick, you will be asked for your CLASSE credentials
    • click the box to the right of "Save in Keychain" if you would rather not enter your CLASSE credentials every time you connect
  3. to disconnect, select "Disconnect "CLASSE" from the Tunnelblick menu

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