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Desktop Windows Machines Monthly Backups: as of 01/09/04

PC Full Set #1 PC Full Set #2 PC Full Set #3 PC Full Set #4 PC Full Set #5
C3PC102 PC137 PC178 PC37 PC62
C3PC103 PC138 PC180 PC43 PC6200
C3PC104 PC139 PC181 PC44 PC6201
C3PC105 PC14 PC207 PC5001 PC63
C3PC106 PC140 PC209 PC55 PC64
C3PC107 PC141 PC211 PC572 PC65
C3PC110 PC142 PC212 PC573 PC66
C3PC112 PC143 PC213 PC58 PC67
C3PC114 PC144 PC218 PC6002 PC68
PC04 PC146 PC220 PC6032 PC69
PC05 PC148 PC221 PC6101 PC696
PC06 PC149 PC223 PC6103 PC7201
PC07 PC151 PC225 PC6104 PC7206
PC100 PC152 PC250 PC6105 PC73
PC102 PC153 PC251 PC6106 PC742
PC106 PC154 PC252 PC6110 PC772
PC118 PC155 PC253 PC6115 PC77
PC120 PC157 PC265 PC6120 PC78
PC121 PC158 PC266 PC6121 PC82
PC124 PC159 PC267 PC6155 PC84
PC127 PC160 PC28 PC6192 PC85
PC13 PC161 PC280   PC88
PC130 PC162 PC281   PC89
PC132 PC166 PC282   PC93
PC133 PC168 PC30   PC94
  PC169 PC33   PC95
  PC170 PC34   PC96
  PC171 PC36   PC98
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