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ILC-Americas University-based accelerator R&D Progress Reports, as of April, 2007

The links below give the current progress reports. The original proposals can be found at FY06 ILC University Accelerator R&D proposal.

WBS Project number Institution Project Leader Title Agency FY06 funding
2.7 2.30 Cornell D. Rubin Beam Simulation: main beam transport in the linacs and beam delivery systems, beam halo modeling and transport, and implementation as a diagnostic tool for commissioning and operation DOE $32K
3.2 2.03 Ohio State K. K. Gan Design and Fabrication of a Radiation-Hard 500-MHz Digitizer Using Deep Submicron Technololgy DOE $35K
3.2 2.09 UC Davis D. Pellett Radiation damage studies of materials and electronic devices using hadrons DOE $14K
3.2 2.70 U. Penn. N. Lockeyer Real Time Simulator for ILC RF and Cryo Modules NSF $70K
3.3 2.40 U. Wisc. R. Prepost Development of Polarized Photocathodes for the Linear Collider DOE $34.6K
3.4 2.61 Cornell A. Mikhailichenko Development of a helical undulator for the ILC positron source DOE $85K
3.5 2.07 Cornell J. Alexander Fast Synchrotron Radiation Imaging System for Beam Size Monitoring NSF $20K
3.5 2.34 Cornell D. Sagan Experimental, Simulation, and Design Studies for Linear Collider Damping Rings NSF $55K
3.5 2.66 Cornell D. Rubin Design Studies for Converting CESR to a Damping Ring Test Facility NSF $50K
3.5 2.22 UIUC G. Gollin Investigation of Novel Schemes for Injection/Extraction Kickers DOE $16.8K
3.6 2.27 UNM J. Ellison Effects of CSR in Linear Collider Systems DOE $46K
3.6 2.64 NIU P. Piot Longitudinal phase space monitors for the ILC injectors and bunch compressors DOE $54K
3.8 2.18 MIT C. Chen Control of Beam Loss in High-Repetition Rate high-Power PPM Klystrons DOE $35K
3.9 2.47 Florida State P. Lee Magnetic Investigation of High Purity Niobium for Superconducing RF Cavities DOE $64K
3.9 2.48 Northwestern D. Seidman 3D Atom Probe Microscopy on Niobium for SRF Cavities DOE $45K
3.9 2.52 Old Dominion U. L. Vuksovic Investigation of Plasma Etching for Superconducting RF Cavities Surface Preparation DOE $60K
3.9 2.54 MSU T. Bieler Relationships between deformation and microstructure evolution and minimizing surface roughness after BCP processing in RRR Nb cavitites DOE $44K
3.9 2.60 William and Mary M. Kelley Research and development for electropolishing of niobium for ILC accelerator cavities DOE $99K
3.10 2.04 UC Berkeley Y. Kolomensky RF Beam Position Monitors or Measuring Beam Position and Tilt DOE $35K
3.10 2.26 Colorado State D. Warner Continuing Research and Development of Linac and Final Doublet Girder Movers NSF $40K