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Superconducting Wiggler Development Collaboration Documentation

This area collects results and discussion relating to RDR and TDR collaboration for the Magnet Systems.

Plans and Assignments for RDR and TDR

Current Status

  • The design will be based on the superconducting wigglers in CESR-c. Some modifications, to allow for special requirements for the ILC, will likely be needed.
  • Cornell has some studies in progress looking at the effects of modifying aspects of the "physics" design (e.g. narrower or wider poles).
  • LBNL is prepared to work on aspects of the vacuum chamber design in the wiggler section.
  • Cornell effort for mechanical and vacuum design is severely limited at present, though there are people interested in keeping up with the work.

RDR Plan

  • The wiggler design should be essentially the CESR-c design with minimal modifications.
  • Specify a vacuum system using the existing CESR-c wiggler apertures as fairly rigid boundaries.
  • Optimization of the wiggler and vacuum designs ongoing for the TDR.

TDR Plan

  • fully optimized design for ILC
    • wiggler physics
    • cost
    • engineering:
      • wiggler and cryostat
      • vaccum chamber/cold bore interface
  • interface and preserve compatibility with ILC technical system specifications


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