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HyperNews at ILC

HyperNews pages and login

You can get to the ILC HyperNews server by following the link:

You will be asked to login. If you are a new user you will need to become a member. You create your account by following the link on the login page ( ). It will ask you to provide your name, email and a userid.

After you have created your account you can go and browse the forums (discussion groups in HyperNews). Hopefully this should be relatively transparent. Many forums will not have much information. The "HyperNews Test Forum" has most posting so far. Here you are welcome to try posting messages, see below.

Subscribing to HyperNews forums and posting messages

At the top in the navigation bar there is a link "Subscribe to Forums". Here you can subscribe to any forum you like. By being subscribed you will get emails as soon as something in posted to this forum.

You can post messages to a forum by selecting the "Add Message" link on any forum page. Or to post a follow-up you can click the "Add Message" button under any message that you are viewing. In addition to post in the web browser, you can do it via email. If you want to respond to a posting that you got as an email, just reply to the message. And you can post new messages by sending email to the address listed as the "email gateway" at the top of each forum page.


Please note that HyperNews does not allow attachments. They will be striped off the incoming email before being posted. Instead of actually sending the material directly put the material on the ILC wiki and send a pointer to the material. (Passing by reference and not by value!)

You can reference the material in posting by the url:

Please do not delete files, we don't want to have broken links in HyperNews.

Things to come

We still have to install a search engine for HyperNews.