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Project: SOI-based vertex detector

Contact: Halina Niemiec (AGH-University of Science and Technology, Poland) mail

System: Vertexing

Assisting Panel Member: Chris Damerell

Participating Institutions: - (participating individuals)
  • AGH-University of Science and Technology
  • Institute of Electron Technology
  • Universita’ degli Studi dell’Insubria

Detector Concept Affiliation: SiD, LDC, and GLD

web page:

recent presentations/publications:
  • Presentation at ESSD2005, Wildbad Kreuth, 15-June-2005: (pdf)
  • Presentation at LCWS2005, Stanford, 19-March-2005: (pdf)
  • Microelectronics Reliability 45/7-8 (2005) 1202–1207: (pdf)
  • NIM A 541 (2005) 172–177: (pdf)

publicity graphics
soi.jpg pcb.jpg
SOI detector structure SOI detector prototype

Research Statement