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OS Architecture Fortran90 Compiler C/C++ Compiler 'active archive' name Note
Linux ix86 Intel Fortran 9.1 (ifort) GCC Linux_i686_intel  
OSF1 (HP Tru64 Unix) alpha HP Fortran (f90) GCC   Staging/Test build for VMS releases only
OpenVMS alpha HP Fortran (f90) HP VMS_alpha_hp  
OSX (Darwin) i386 gfortran GCC Off-site distributions only  
  • The ACC Build System (old version)-- This allows you to control what dated, pre-built libraries you link against and is the highly configurable engine that buids your own customized software with the supported compilers and options of your choice.
  • OpenVMS-- Building CESR Control System Code against the ACC Portable Libraries .
    • Transfer codes maintained as part of the ACC Portable Libraries to the VMS cluster.
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