Information for using the provided Plotting Packages


Some programs use plotting software for displaying results. There are two available plotting packages in the ACC Code Library:

Originally PGPLOT was the used for plotting but is no longer being maintained by the author, the PLplot package has been introduced as its replacement but not all Bmad programs have been converted to use PLplot.

Setting which Plotting package to use

  • For use with Distribution: The programs that rely on plotting software will not be linked if the plotting software is not enabled. Which plotting software is enabled is set in the util/dist_prefs file.
    • PGPLOT is included in the Distribution. As of 23-Dec-2014, PLplot is also included in the Distribution.
  • For use with Release: Set the ACC_PLOT_PACKAGE environment variable to either "pgplot" or "plplot", the default is "pgplot"

Executables that use the Plotting packages

Programs that can use PGPLOT or PLplot

Programs that can only use PGPLOT
  • bmadz
  • closed_orbit
  • analyzer
  • tune_plane_res_plot

Required Package Dependancies for Building PLplot

To build PLplot there are two packages that need to be installed on your system:

They are required by tao (when PLplot build is requested), to support pdf, ps, png and svg output.

Getting Help

If you need to contact someone for help, please see the Help and Mailing List Information wiki page.
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