Bmad on GitHub

GitHub Repositories

Files for the Bmad Distribution are contained in two repsitories on GitHub.

The bmad-ecosystem repository is where Bmad Distributions can be downloaded.

Some Directories in bmad-ecosystem of Interest

bmad                  # Bmad simulation library
bsim                  # Simulation programs
cpp_bmad_interface    # Interface between Bmad fortrans structures and C++ equivalents
code_examples         # Some example programs.
forest                # Etienne Forest FPP/PTC library
regression_tests      # Bmad regression tests
sim_utils             # Low level utility routines used by Bmad
tao                   # Tao program
util_programs         # Utility programs

util                  # Build script directory
build_system          # Build script directory

Some Directories in bmad-external-deps of possible Interest

PGPLOT      # Plotting library
fgsl        # Fortran wrappers for GSL
gsl         # Gnu Scientific Library
hdf5        # Hierarchical Data Format version 5
lapack      # Linear algebra package
plplot      # Plotting library
xraylib     # X-ray parameter library
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