Using The Standard Accelerator Physics Analysis Applications

Each official libraries release also contains a collection of pre-built analysis programs. Programs such as Tao, bmadz, tune_scan, closed_orbit, and others are among these. If you need to use one of these programs WITHOUT modifying it, and thus making it a local, personal, customized application, then you need not build any code at all. You may simply request that the program you need is set up in one of a couple flexible ways. Instructions on how to do just that follow:

Setting up an application for simple use
  • You will need to have some environment variables set up beforehand. The best way to do this is to follow the steps in the Environment Setup section of the build system documentation.
  • Run psetup <program name>
  • cd <program name>
  • Run the program

Setting up an application for advanced use
If you need to use an existing standard analysis program's code as a starting point for your own application, you may request that that source code be provided without having to interface with the repository directly. The procedure below will perform the same function as the simple-use procedure above, but will also obtain the full source tree for the program in question along with TWO makefiles; the Makefile used for building the STANDARD version and a makefile that may be used to build your CUSTOM version. The directory that the code is placed in will be named "job" so as to distinguish your modified program from the standard executable that it is based upon. Main point: Unless you are a developer, modifying a standard program's code disqualifies that program from sharing the same name as a standard program.

  • psetup -s <program name> -- Source is now available along with a generalized makefile that you may use to direct the building of your custom application. This puts the source tree in a directory named '*accdev*' under your current working directory. Feel free to rename this to something that uniquely corresponds to your application.

Example: If you are not a developer, but need to modify the 'analyzer' program to do something additional in its calculations, you can modify the code and build it from scratch. But-- at that moment, the program ceases to be 'analyzer'. It is now your customized personal application and while it may share nearly all of its heritage from 'analyzer' it is now a separate entity and should be named something else. If your changes are useful enough that the official developer or development team for that application deems them appropriate to include in the official source code, they may incorporate those changes, provide credit to the modifier, and thus extend the standard program to include the user-made capabilities.

  • psetup with no arguments prints a list of all available pre-built standard applications in the release you have setup as active.

-- MattRendina - 04 Sep 2007
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