GLPI "?"


The "?" lets you edit the drop-down lists.
  1. This lets you choose which dropdown lists you want to edit. I recommend not using this method as it's not really obvious what you're editing. Instead, go to the actual drop-down list you want to edit and click the "?".
  2. This section lets you edit an existing entry. Here you select which one you want to edit.
  3. This button lets you copy over the current name for quick editing of the name OR the description.
  4. This is the description field for editing. Once done, click update. You could also click delete to remove the entry entirely. THIS IS NOT CANCEL, it will delete the entry, not discard your current changes. To discard changes, just close the window without clicking "update".
  5. This section is for adding an entirely new entry. Here you type in what you want to display in the drop-down.
  6. This is the description for the new entry. Descriptions will show up in the hover overlay when you select a drop-down list entry and hover on the "?".


The location editor has a few additional concepts as it allows sub-locations.
  1. This allows you to move a previously entered location to a new location - that is to move it in the hierarchy. "----" is the root, so moving something to be a child of it puts it as a top level entry.
  2. This is how you create a new location, you can make it a child of an old one, or at the same level as an old one.

Note that when using locations, the last used one appears right at the top of the list for convienience. This hasn't moved that location, so you don't want to try and "fix" the hierarchy. The very first entry in the location drop-down is special - it's just a last used location.


  1. Manufacturers are not actually "drop down" entries, but links to objects called companies under the Management dropdown. See Adding a New Object for instructions

-- JamesPulver - 18 Jul 2007
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