Multiple Sessions

Several Linux applications are really only meant to have one session running at a time.

Graphical Window Managers

Both KDE and Gnome suffer from locking issues when the same user account is simultaneously running multiple sessions on different computers. To avoid these problems, you must use either the Xfce window manger or the Ice window manager. Ice is a minimalistic, fast and reliable window manager, especially when working on multiple computers using the same account. For more information, please see IceWM. Xfce provides more user-friendly features than Ice does, but is comparable in speed and reliability. See XFCE Startup.


Firefox will only allow you to run one instance of firefox for any given profile. You can work around this by creating multiple profiles, one for each login session. For more information, please see https://wiki.classe.cornell.edu/Computing/FirefoxBrowser#Profile_Manager .
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