New User Notice

When a new set of computer accounts has been created, the user will be sent a notice very similar to the one below.

Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 11:42:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: LEPP-computer-administrator
Subject: Welcome to LEPP!
To: new-user's-address
Cc: supervisor's-address


At the request of supervisor's-name, I've created the account user-id on the LEPP VMS, Windows and Unix computer systems. ("Unix" includes all of the LEPP Tru64, Solaris and Linux systems.)

You'll be notified separately of the initial password. Please change the password immediately. Passwords must be changed individually on each of the three platforms: VMS, Windows and Unix.

LEPP accounts and passwords

Although they may have the same names, LEPP computer accounts have no relationship whatsoever with Cornell's centralized NetIDs or with computer accounts you might have in any other department at Cornell or elsewhere.

Please read the Web page https://wiki.lepp.cornell.edu/lcg/bin/view/Computing/UserAccountsAndPasswords for information about how to change passwords for LEPP systems.


The LEPP Unix systems have both interactive and network passwords. (aka Kerberos interactive principle Kerberos /net principle) The network password (/net principle) is used by the LEPP Unix mail server and by restricted pages on the LEPP Web and Wiki servers. It must be changed (after logging in interactively) before it can be used the first time. Use the command "knetpw" to change it.


When logging in on a LEPP Windows computer, be sure to select Log on to: LNSNTCAD Do not select "this computer." All LEPP Windows computers are part of the LNSNTCAD domain.

LEPP e'mail

Unfortunately, LEPP can no longer provide local email accounts. Mail forwardings on the LEPP Mail servers, LNS61 (also known as "lepp.cornell.edu") and LNSCU5 (also known as "mail.lepp.cornell.edu") already have been set to forward any email that you receive at LEPP to new-user's-email-address

To learn how to forward mail from your LEPP mail accounts to some other address, please read the Web page https://wiki.lepp.cornell.edu/lcg/bin/view/Computing/LEPPEmail

Don't forget to use Cornell's WHOIAM service at http://whoiam.cornell.edu/ to set forwarding for your central Cornell e'mail address if you have a Cornell NetID.

Laptop computers & PDAs

If you have a laptop computer or PDA you'd like to use on the LEPP network, please fill out the laptop registration form at https://wiki.lepp.cornell.edu/lepp/bin/view/Computing/LaptopRegistration

File backups

Do NOT keep important files on the computer that you sit in front of. Disks tend to fail at the least convenient times. Important files should be put on an appropriate backed-up file server. For Windows systems, that normally is the Z: drive, which maps to PC50. For Linux systems, that normally is your home directory, which maps to SOL105. Most projects at LEPP also have disk space allocated on the LEPP RAID fileservers, which might or might not be becked up depending on what arrangements have been made. Contact your supervisor for details. People have lost theses because they were on disks that weren't being backed up. If you have to work on a local disk, be sure to copy your files frequently to an appropriate file server.

Network traffic

LEPP has to pay by-the-byte for all off-campus network traffic. Please contact us if you expect to be transferring large amounts of data (e.g. more than 10 GigaBytes). Purchasing a disk and sending it by overnight express actually is cheaper than using the network.

Additional info

Additional information about computing at LEPP can be read at http://www.lepp.cornell.edu/Resources/ComputingAtLEPP.html

Questions or problems

If you have any questions or problems concerning LEPP computing, please send e'mail to service-lepp@cornell.edu Please do not send e'mail to individual members of the LEPP computer group.

Welcome to LEPP!

-- SeldenBall - 19 May 2008
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