View of podium


instructions for placing Zoom call

Crestron Touch Panel

(1) Press on the Crestron Touch Panel (as hard as you would press an elevator button)


if you see this,
press "Exit"
(lower left)

(2) The Crestron screen should look like one of the following three pictures

Cornell.jpg VConf.jpg DistanceLearning.jpg
if you see this,
press anywhere on screen
if you see this,
press "go to Video Conference Mode"
if you see this,
Press "go to Distance Learning"

(3) Wait for the projection screen to come all the way down, and for the Polycom home screen to appear


Polycom Home Screen

(4) on Polycom remote (shown below)
Use the right/left/up/down buttons to select "Place a Call", then press the select button (round with a dot in the middle)


(5) Enter "" (no quotes, press "right" to enter a dot) in the number field, then select and press "Call"


You should now be joined to Zoom; you will now need to enter your meeting ID

  1. keypad.jpg Press the "#" key on the remote; a keypad should appear in the upper left of the projected image
  2. Enter the meeting ID (nb: keypad may disappear; press "#" on the remote to make it reappear)
  3. When the meeting ID is entered completely, press "#" on the remote one last time
  4. You should now be joined to your Zoom meeting via the Polycom

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