Details of Network, Computer and Power Outages at Wilson Lab: Monday, May 21, 2007

All LEPP computers will be unusable starting at 9AM on Monday, May 21.

Technicians will be performing maintenance on the switching gear for Wilson Lab's incoming power for 15 minute intervals starting at 8AM on Monday, May 21. The power interruptions will be most noticable starting at 10 AM when the power circuits known as US1 and US2 are scheduled to be down. There's the possibility of accidental power interruptions during the earlier part of the morning.

How will this affect you?

  • Most desktop systems will not work: whether Windows or Unix (Linux, Solaris and Tru64) during the morning. They'll have many different problems because their servers will be down.
    • E.G. many proprietary software packages will refuse to run. Their license servers are in the LEPP trailer without power. E.g.
      • Replicon Time Sheets will not work
      • Microwave Studio will not work
      • Colts should work
      • Microsoft Office will work
  • We expect Unix, Linux and Windows desktops will be functional after Noon on Monday.
  • Macintosh file and backup services will not be available during the power outage.
  • There will be no network connection to Cornell or to the rest of the world Monday morning.
    • This includes Newman Lab, since it connects by way of Wilson Lab.
    • Mail addressed to you will be held on the remote originating systems while the LEPP mail servers are down Monday morning.
    • No Videoconferencing will be available
  • No CESR or CLEO online systems will be running.
  • No CLEO calibration constants will be available.
  • "Farm" systems will be down Monday and Tuesday.
  • Unix batch queues will be suspended Saturday at 9AM and not restarted until the Farm systems are up.
  • Scheduled backups will run. The Backup tape server is in the LEPP trailer.
  • If there are power glitches early in the morning, all systems will be left down until after power work has finished.

What should you do?

  • End all of your editing sessions and logout before going home on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • If you edit any important files, be sure to make copies elsewhere, just in case.
  • People with laptops who will be on campus on Monday and who need network access should use Cornell's Red Rover service. See http://www.cit.cornell.edu/redrover/
  • There is no need for you to turn off any systems. LEPP computer group staff will be shutting systems down as needed.
  • Make sure that all batch jobs, including those running on the various compute farms in the CLEO and LEPP trailers, will complete before 5:00 AM Monday morning. The Unix batch queues will be suspended from Saturday morning until late Monday afternoon at the earliest.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the LEPP computer group or send e'mail to service.


Monday, May 21st, from 10:00 AM until about 10:15 AM , Power (US1) will be off in Wilson Lab's main building.

Monday, May 21st, from 10:30 AM until about 10:45 AM, Power (US2) will be off in the LEPP and CLEO trailers. Chilled water and air conditioning will be off in Wilson Lab.

  • The network will be down starting at 9AM on Monday. There will be no connection to or from the outside world for any system in Newman, Wilson or the trailers until 11AM.
  • The Unix Home disk (SOL105) will be unavailable starting at 9 AM
  • Most systems won't be available until Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.
  • Only "critical" systems will be brought up Monday.
    • This includes CESR and some CLEO online systems plus central servers like LNS101, PC50, and mail and Web servers.
  • Windows License servers will be unavailable until Noon.
  • "Farm" systems will be unavailable until Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the LEPP computer group or send e'mail to service.

-- SeldenBall - 16 May 2007
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