Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi is a free web browser built on the Chromium code base (which is the same code base for the Chrome browser). CLASSE-IT has chosen to support Vivaldi because of its focus on privacy and its stable release schedule. Also, Vivaldi's rendering engine is widely compatibile with modern websites.


Vivaldi default bookmarks

Vivaldi ships with a complete list of example bookmarks. These may be extraneous beyond demonstrating the full range of bookmark features in Vivaldi. If you want to clear them out before adding your own bookmarks do the following:
  1. Go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks.
  2. Select the top bookmark entry.
  3. Shift + click on the bottom bookmark entry (do not select the "Trash" entry).
  4. Press Delete on your keyboard.

Importing Firefox Bookmarks

For help on importing bookmarks from other web browsers, please see the importing and exporting bookmarks section on the Vivaldi help site

Allowing pop-ups

You can activate pop-ups by clicking the lock icon in Address field and selecting the appropriate option in the dropdown menu (on Mac: Site settings).


Go to Start Menu -> Vivaldi.

Multiple Login Prompts

If you’re using a personal windows computer from home, you may find that you need to login repeatedly when accessing CLASSE web services. To work around this, you’ll need to:
  • become an admin
  • launch regedit
  • create an [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Vivaldi] registry key, that contains the following String value:
AuthSchemes = basic,digest,ntlm

This is automatically set on all CLASSE-managed Windows laptops.

A similar workaround should exist for all Chromium-based browsers. Please email service-classe@cornell.edu with problems or questions.


Go to Applcations menu -> Internet -> Vivaldi.

Or, type vivaldi at the command line.

Multiple profiles.

From the command line, use vivaldi --profile-directory=test, to use (or create if it doesn't already exist) a profile named "test".

Proxy Server

To launch vivaldi and use the CLASSE CachingProxy server for additional security (or to reach offsite from a private subnet), type on a command line:
vivaldi --proxy-pac-url=https://www.classe.cornell.edu/proxy.pac
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