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Project: TPC Resolution studies using the concept of charge dispersion in MPGDs with a resistive anode

Contact: Alain Bellerive (Carleton University, Canada) mail

System: Tracking

Assisting Panel Member: Harry Weerts

Participating Institutions: (participating individuals)
  • Carleton University,
  • University of Montreal
  • Orsay
  • Saclay

Detector Concept Affiliation: LDC, GLD

This project is affiliated with the LC-TPC collaboration.

Web page:

Recent presentations/publications:
  • Nucl.Inst.Meth. A538 (2005) 372, Resolution studies of cosmic-ray tracks in a TPC with GEM readout: (pdf)
  • Nucl.Inst.Meth. A518 (2004) 721, Position Sensing from Charge Dispersion in Micro-Pattern Gas Detectors with a Resistive Anode: (pdf)
  • preprint 0510085, Spatial Resolution of a Micromegas-TPC using the charge dispersion signal: (pdf)
  • presentation by Vincent Lepeltier, ECFA2005, Vienna, November 2005: (pdf)
  • presentation by Madhu Dixit, SNOWMASS, Colorado, August 2005: (pdf)
  • presentation by Paul Colas, SNOWMASS, Colorado, August 2005: (pdf)
  • presentation by Madhu Dixit, LCWS05, Stanford, March 2005: (pdf)

TPC-Cosmic.jpg TPC field cage.jpg TPC readout.jpg
Chamber for cosmic studies Drift Cage Readout

Research Statement