Ansys at CLASSE


From a CLASSE Linux system, type:

  • Workbench Interface on Linux:
  • ANSYS APDL Product Launcher Interface:
    • Ansys-19.2.0:
    • Ansys-2021-R2:
  • Electronics Desktop (Maxwell & HFSS)
    • AnsysEM-19.2.0:
    • AnsysEM-2021-R2:


Windows on the Linux Compute Farm

User Guide ANSYS

File Storage

  • It is important to not use the default ANSYS directories for saving files. These may be in "Program Files" and hence would be lost on any upgrade or devirt-revirt of ANSYS.
  • Make sure to save all important files to Samba to get high availability and nightly backups.

Use with Inventor

With 2023R1 and up

  1. Load Inventor 2023.2.1 first.
  2. Then ANSYS v2023R1.
  3. The plugin will be installed and activated in Inventor automatically.

ANSYS before 2023R1

  • Plugin ins NOT COMPATIBLE With Inventor 2023.
  • You can still run earlier versions but will have to run them separately from Inventor 2023.


  • ANSYS Mechanical APDL Product Launcher, From a CLASSE Linux system, type:
    • /nfs/opt/ansys-19.2.0/bin/ansys-help

  • Electronics Desktop (Maxwell & HFSS), From a CLASSE Linux system, type:
    • /nfs/opt/xchm/bin/xchm /nfs/opt/AnsysEM-19.2.0/AnsysEM19.2/Linux64/Help/Maxwell/maxcir.chm
    • okular /nfs/opt/AnsysEM-19.2.0/AnsysEM19.2/Linux64/Help/HFSS/*.pdf

  • Electronics Desktop (Maxwell & HFSS) Example files, From a CLASSE Linux system, type:
    •  ls /nfs/opt/AnsysEM-19.2.0/AnsysEM19.2/Linux64/Examples/

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