• Responsible personnel: Adam
  • Date: February xx, 2019

Description of test

Turn on EPICS IOC and get data from screen. Calibrate mm/pixel for each screen.

Test Procedure

  • Turn on EPICS IOC
  • Use ImageJ to connect to camera
  • Remove baffles and other covers on camera
  • Make sure that viewscreen is inserted
  • Focus lens while watching ImageJ
  • Adjust aperture on camera so that it is ~1/8th turn from maximally closed. i.e. very little light
  • Adjust focusing again, possibly using flashlight to illuminate.
  • Save picture that includes screen and assembly that is holding the screen, for later analysis.
  • Later, in ImageJ, draw oval around holding assembly and get width and height in pixels
  • Make sure that height / width ~ sqrt(2), since the camera is tilted at 45 degrees
  • Compare to drawing of viewscreen assembly, and produce calibration number in units of mm/pixel
  • Record the calibration number in an elog, and use beamview to enter into EPICS.
  • Make sure that autosave records are made properly, such that this value is reloaded when IOC restarts.
Beamview centering and rotation
  • Using a flashlight held to one side, make sure that L/R and Up/Down are correct in beamview.
  • Use offsets and rotations to center and correctly align the image (center and align the fixture holding the viewscreen.)
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