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The CBETA accelerator will be assembled and commissioned in phases according to the following plan:
  1. MLC test
    • Commissioning at this phase will include:
      • Testing beam passing through the Main Linac Cryomodule (MLC)
      • Testing beam acceleration through the MLC, applying power to only one of the 6 cavities at a time.
  2. Fractional arc test
    • Commissioning at this phase will include:
      • Passing accelerated 42 MeV beam through splitter line 1 and through the first FFAG girder section.
      • Testing all major subsystems to the extent possible, including magnets, power supply systems, instrumentation, and controls.
  3. Single pass with energy recovery
    • This beam line configuration will include the installation of all four splitter lines, but with a section of the splitter 2 lines removed to allow spliter 1 lines to be configured with decelerating path length. The accelerating splitter 1 line fabrication will also need to be completed as part of this phase.
    • The purpose of installing all splitter lines at this phase and fabricating the accelerating splitter 1 lines is to allow all components to be pre-fit and thus decrease the time required to change from the single pass energy recovery configuration to the final four pass configuration.
    • Other installation details for this phase include:
      • Install the cross piece in the diagnostic line
      • Install the Y section at the input to the MLC
      • Install the final gate valves upstream and downstream of the MLC
      • Warm-up and cool-down of the MLC
    • Commissioning at this phase will include:
      • Performing energy scan of beam through the FFAG using one pass of the main linac cryomodule (MLC) by adjusting cavity voltages to the extend possible. It is presenty unclear how far above 42 MeV will be possible with one pass through the MLC.
      • Performing single pass energy recovery, accelerating from 6 MeV injection energy to 42 MeV through the MLC then down to 6 MeV and to the dump line.
  4. Four pass acceleration with four pass deceleration
    • This requires reconfiguring splitter 1 lines from decelerating path length to accelerating path length and installing the splitter 2 line sections. Since splitter lines 3 and 4 are to be installed for the sigle pass configuration, no additional installation work should be required in those lines for this reconfiguration.
    • Commissioning at this phase will include:
      • Accelerating beam through 4 passes of the MLC to a final energy of 150 MeV and analyze transmission of the four different accelerating energy beams (42 MeV, 78 MeV, 114 MeV and 150 MeV) through the FFAG beam line and splitter lines.
      • Decelerating beam through 4 passes of the MLC from 150 MeV down to 6 MeV and analyze transmission of the eight different accelerating/decelerating beams through the FFAG beam line and splitter lines.
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