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Purchased Components Library

The Purchased Components Library can be very useful when modeling new designs. Models for many common parts that are used throughout the lab can be found in this directory. One of the advantages to using models from this library are that materials and iProperties are set, so you don’t need to create a new model and fill out all of these fields or spend time searching for a source. This will save you a lot of time and effort when creating new designs.

Searching The Purchased Components Library

The directory names in the Purchased Components Library should be helpful in finding the parts you want, but if not, I recommend using very general search parameters to help find what you want. For example, if you’re looking for a 10-32 Socket Head Cap Screw that’s 3/4” long, and don’t know where to find it, you can start by doing a search for “10-32”.

1 10-32 Search.JPG

This will bring up a lot of results, but not so many that you can’t quickly scroll to find what you want. When you find the size you want, or something similar, you can right click on the part and select “Go To Folder”.

2 10-32 Results.JPG

This will take you to the Vault Folder that the part is located in, and you can browse further from there if you wish. Another example would be if you’re looking for a particular Conflat Flange, and don’t know where to start. Simply search “Flange”, and you will see a number of results.

3 Flange Search.JPG

Although Conflat Flanges aren’t in the search results, if you choose the “CF Flange Gaskets” or “CF Flange Bolt Sets” folder and select “Go To Folder”, you can then use the browser tree on the left to navigate to the particular folder and size that you’re looking for.

4 Flange Results.JPG

The main point is that you will have better results if you keep your search parameters short and simple.

Adding Components To The Purchased Components Library

Editing the Purchased Components Library is restricted to a few people, but anyone can add parts to the “_To Be Added” Folder at the top of the directory. If you’ve already downloaded a model of a purchased component, and would like us to add it to the Purchased Component Library, please save your part to this folder. Be sure that the file name or the “Vendor” iProperties field is filled out with the correct vendor and part number.

5 iProperties.JPG

This will allow us to track the part and add any other critical information.

Any suggestions for improving this procedure or information that you feel should be included on the drawing should be directed to Scott Hartman (swh77@cornell.edu)
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