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Short Term Visitor Safety Policy

This policy sets out safety-related responsibilities of CLASSE personnel hosting short term visitors, contractors, or vendors to the lab, and those of such visitors once they are here.

  1. Applies for any Laboratory visit extending beyond one working day. It does NOT apply to those already trained and vetted as collaborators or CHESS users. It does not apply to Cornell staff from Facilities, EH&S, or C.I.T.
  2. A CLASSE host should assist each visitor in completing a short online form, after arrival but prior to commencing observation or work. This form gathers identifying information and a confirmation of safety training provided. (Part of this form replaces the paper "CLASSE Guest Agreement", which is no longer required.) For contractors, vendors, Cornellians, or an external committee, the CLASSE host may choose to fill out the online form on behalf of the individual or group.
  3. A stay of longer than 7 working days involving experimental, shop, or technical spaces or activities requires taking the CLASSE Safety Orientation (and perhaps other training) through arrangement with the Safety Director, preferably prior to arrival on site (clarification: taking the CLASSE Safety Orientation is not required for PSB visitors who do not frequently access laboratory or technical spaces during their stay).
  4. A CLASSE host must accompany the visitor at all times when first entering laboratory, shop, or technical work areas. This host function may be shared among several individuals or passed from one to another, but the host(s) must be explicitly aware of their role and responsibilities.
  5. The CLASSE host or contact should instruct the visitor prior to arrival to enter the building through a public reception area and not to enter laboratory or technical areas unescorted . At Wilson Laboratory visitors should check in at the second floor CHESS reception desk.
  6. A CLASSE host must show the visitor two emergency exit routes from any likely work area, and summarize hazards and relevant procedures local to those areas. In Wilson Laboratory, if likely work areas include areas on the first or second floor, relevant entrances to controlled areas should be pointed out so they can be either avoided entirely or consciously crossed.
  7. A visitor may only observe unless provided with task-specific training consistent with CLASSE policy on that task and location. Vendors and contractors may work on designated equipment if they are familiar with it or receive appropriate training.
  8. A radiation badge should be issued if the individual is likely to enter controlled areas over the course of more than one working day, and used for the entirety of the visit; otherwise, a host may sign out a dosimeter and accompany the visitor while inside controlled areas. If work in controlled areas is estimated to exceed 8 hours, the visitor must satisfy one of
    • take an in-person training (contact the Safety Director or Safety Manager), or
    • take the online CLASSE General Radiation Safety Training through arrangement with the Safety Director, preferably prior to arriving on site.
    • if the work is deemed by a CHESS staff member to be CHESS-user-like, take the CHESS User online safety training
  9. If work is to occur in the CESR tunnel, a CLASSE host should contact one of Facilities Engineer, Safety Director, or Safety Manager to arrange for specialized (online or in-person) training.
  10. A visitor already briefed on this policy and safety information may be left alone in work areas not requiring additional training if a designated CLASSE host in the building (e.g. an operator) is aware of the visitor, and the visitor understands how to request immediate assistance (designated host) or summon emergency services (911, nearest pushbutton call boxes, fire alarm pulls). If there are imminent safety hazards involved in the visitor's activities, or such hazards are in close proximity, the visitor may not work alone.
  11. Special considerations apply to any short term visitor under the age of 18. For such individuals, please consult at least one of: CLASSE Administrator, CLASSE Safety Director, CLASSE Safety Manager.
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