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Tour Safety

Arranging Official Tours of Wilson Laboratory

To arrange a tour of Wilson Laboratory for members of the general public, please consult Tour Information.

Giving Tours

Even if a last minute, impromptu visit motivates you to give a tour, consult Tour Information for assistance and recommendation of a tour guide. However, if you choose to guide a tour yourself, you must follow all these rules:
  • Tour only areas you know.
  • Know the layout of the controlled and uncontrolled areas so you can lead a safe tour.
  • Check with the CESR Operator (usually in the CESR control room) concerning any special conditions (magnet testing, ERL on, specific hazards) to confirm what areas are restricted, and tell him/her where you intend to go.
  • Each and every visitor must sign in on Group Dosimeter Signout sheets in a Dosimeters notebook (available just outside the CESR Control Room adjacent to the elevator, or in the CHESS Control Room); we have a legal obligation to obtain identifying information and a method by which to contact each individual at a later date.
  • You must obtain a dosimeter there (at either of the CESR or CHESS control rooms); enter its id and initial reading onto the signout sheet before the tour begins and the final reading afterwards: Hold the dosimeter up to the light and look into the viewing end where there will be a scale ranging from 0 to 200 mrem. Rotate the dosimeter so that the scale is level to the floor, and then note the value. Take care not to drop the dosimeter: doing so may alter the reading.
  • When touring controlled areas, you must wear your radiation badge with your name printed on it (i.e. not just a Visitor badge) and carry the tour dosimeter.
  • Keep visitors away from the linac (do not enter LS1) and the transfer lines; i.e. do not go beyond L5 in the west tunnel or the first CESR RF cavity in the East Flare TourRouteERLOFF.jpg; (Senior staff members giving tours to accelerator- or safety-related professionals, or equipment vendors who may serve the Laboratory interests better by examining the environment first-hand may visit generally prohibited areas; all other rules still apply)
  • Obey any signs posted throughout the experimental areas, such as those warning of residual radiation, and stay clear of roped-off areas.
  • Stay clear of any active work area, and request permission of workers to pass by such activity.
  • If the synchrotron and CESR are OFF and SAFE, but the ERL is ON, further restrictions apply to your tour route.
During ERL running, formal Lab tours into CESR controlled areas will be allowed only if there has been a radiation survey demonstrating no hazard, and then only on the CHESS/West Flare/CLEO North route shown below. If the ERL is ON, tours shall not proceed into
  1. the east-west corridor adjacent to ERL
  2. the west tunnel beyond L5 (see floorplan)
  3. the east tunnel beyond the first RF cavity (see floorplan)
  4. the South side of CLEO
  5. the L0 second level stairs/catwalk/etc.


  • If CESR interlocks are set to ON, but the synchrotron and CESR are OFF, it is unlikely you will be allowed inside the CESR or CHESS experimental areas.
If CESR interlocks are ON but CESR is OFF
  • Tours are normally permitted only during access or down days when a radiation survey has been done and magnet power systems have been secured.
  • A tour of the CHESS area may be possible if that area is in Bypass; check with the CHESS operator.
  • In rare situations the possibility of a tour in specific CESR locations (most commonly only to the L0 catwalk, not beyond the chained-off section just south of the stairway to CLEO) during an interlock-set access should be discussed with the CESR operator, preferably well ahead of the tour time. Granting of permission for such a tour should not be assumed, may depend on several conditions, and specific limitations may be imposed.
  • If interlocks are set, each tour participant would need a white key to enter the CESR-synchrotron perimeter and understand how to use it: each key holder is responsible for the timely return of the white key after the tour.
  • At the CESR operator's discretion, only the guide would carry a white key and intentionally break the interlock on the way into a controlled area. In this situation both the guide and operator would independently keep headcounts prior to entering and after exiting the controlled area, verifying that everyone is accounted for.

In addition, the tour can be enriched if you
  • If they are available, get expert information from the CHESS Operator for the CHESS portion of your tour and from the ERL Operator for the ERL portion; you are more likely to have success in this regard if you speak to them in advance of the tour.
  • Explain to your visitors the function of the dosimeter as a required record-keeping device which will verify the absence of radiation exposure during the tour.
  • Obtain verification from one or more visitors of the initial and final dosimeter readings.
  • Take advantage of the displays, photographs, line art, and posters in the second and third floor hallways and the Commons area that catalogue the development of the laboratory research.

End of Tour Safety
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