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Who's Who in CLASSE Safety

CLASSE Safety Committee: (click to email) Katie Jacoby, M. Billing, G. Codner, H. Conklin, D. Dale, R. Gallagher, B. Heltsley, D. Jusic, M. Ray, D. Richter, J. Sears, D. Widger, CLASSE Director & Associate Director (ex-officio)

CHESS Safety Subcommittee: (click to email) D. Richter (chair), K. Finkelstein (vice-chair), M. Szebenyi, A. Kellicutt, A. Woll, CHESS Director (ex-officio)

Safety Contact Name (click to email) Phone: (607) 25-
CESR Director of Operations Mike Forster 5-8777
CESR Operator Supervisor Dragana Jusic 5-8705
CESR Technical Director Dave Rice 5-8786
CESR Technical Services Supervisor Mike Ray 5-8238
Chemical Room (Newman)    
Newman Holly Conklin 5-5737
Newman Terri Gruber 5-5311
CHESS Associate Director    
CHESS Chemical Rooms Katie Moring 4-4930
Backup Dana Richter 4-1227
CHESS Director Joel Brock 5-9006
CHESS Operations Manager Chris Conolly 5-0913
CHESS Safety Officer Dana Richter 4-1227
CHESS User Administrator Kathy Dedrick 5-0920
CLASSE Administration Katie Jacoby 5-4158 (N), 5-3733 (W)
CLASSE Director Ritchie Patterson 5-4374
Compressed Gases Ken Powers 5-4882
Cryogenics Dan Sabol 5-3124
Facilities Engineer Richard Gallagher 5-0695
Fire Marshal (Wilson, Newman, Annex) Richard Gallagher 5-0695
Forklifts, Cranes, Rigging Clay Ball 5-4882
Hazard Assessment Signage Program (HASP)    
LEPP Richard Gallagher 5-0695
CHESS Dana Richter 4-1227
PSB Keane Leitch 5-8773
Laser Safety Officer Adam Bartnik 5-4150
LEPP Director David Rubin 5-3765 (P), 5-8183 (W)
Machine Shops John Kaminski 5-5019
Newman Lab James Sears 5-7462
Physical Sciences Bldg (3rd & 4th floor) Brian Heltsley 5-4929 (W), 5-5743 (P), 277-3260 (H), 351-4143 (Cell)
Physical Sciences Building: Building Manager Todd Pfeiffer 5-1731
Physical Sciences Building: Safety Manager Keane Leitch 5-8773
Radiation Permit Holders    
CESR David Rice 5-8786
ERL Bruce Dunham 5-4790
Newman Matthias Liepe 4-8937
Permitted [hot] Sources David Rice 5-8786
Registered [smaller] Sources Brian Heltsley 5-4929 (W), 5-5743 (P), 277-3260 (H), 351-4143 (Cell)
1 Portable x-ray source Marian Szebenyi 5-5717
2 Portable x-ray sources Peter Revesz 5-0915
1 Hutch-based x-ray source Ken Finkelstein 5-0914
Radiation Safety Specialist (RSS) Dwight Widger 5-5558
Safety Committee Chair Katie Jacoby 5-4158 (N), 5-3733 (W)
Safety Director Brian Heltsley 5-4929 (W), 5-5743 (P), 277-3260 (Home), 351-4143 (Cell)
Superconducting RF Group Georg Hoffstaetter 5-5197 (N), 4-8981 (W)
Vacuum Group Brent Johnson 5-4882
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