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1. Interlock Set Switch

This switch, shown on DWG. 4048 sh.1, is used to turn OFF Radiation Producing devices during a 'Down' day.

The interlocks being turned off by the ‘Interlock Set Switch’ are in the following chains.

  1. Linac High Voltage Power Supply (LS.2) DWG. 4160
  2. Linac Gun High Voltage (glassman) DWG. 4156
  3. CESR Beam Killer Chain DWG. 4140
  4. CESR Radiation Chain DWG. 4135
  5. CHESS West Area Safe DWG. 4204
  6. CHESS East Reset DWG. 4115
The ‘Interlock Set Switch’ also lights the ‘AREA SAFE’ signs, inhibits several ‘Trouble Lights’ and changes the status of the ‘Personnel (processing areas) Safety Interlocks’ DWG. 4122.

Light Beam Interlocks and Area Resets are not effected and function as usual.

2. Linac Chain

The Linac interlocks and controls are divided into two separate systems connected in series. The first set of interlocks is the ‘Linac Chain’ (DWG. 4034). The second set of interlocks is the ‘Linac HV Power Supply Control’ (DWG.4150)

Linac Ready Chain:

The primary personnel safety interlocks are included in the ‘Linac Chain’ which is located in the CESR control room. This chain of PPS interlocks include:
  • Light beams
  • Area Resets
  • Machine keys (except CHESS)
  • CHESS area status
  • Radiation monitors
  • Perimeter
  • Shielding blocks
  • Interlock SET SWITCH
  • LS1/LO Lead shielding Door

Also included are hardware interlocks we require just to put beam into the synchrotron.
  • Foam Generator
  • Synch Mag. Safety switches
  • Synch. Vacuum Gate Valves
  • Substation relays (Accel Crash relays)
  • Diffusion Pumps

The output of the ‘Linac Chain’ produces only a ‘Linac Enable’. You cannot turn on the Linac HV at this point, only enable the power supply.

Linac HVPS Chain:

This set of interlocks is quite complicated and spans across two supplies which both have 25% and 75% settings. The interlock chain includes hardware interlocks from the supply such as door switches, temps, water flow, 480VAC power, inductrol flybacks, and inputs from sub chains. The sub-chains include the eight modulators, e- optics, external interlock and computer ready.

The turn ON of the supply is divided into three sections.
  1. All PPS interlocks are Reset and hardware interlocks are ready.(Linac Chain)
  2. The Linac is Enabled.
  • A 15 sec timer is started
  • Linac Alarm is sounded
  • Synchrotron ON light in all Machine Status Sign boxes comes ON.
  • Lights go out in the Tunnel and LS1

3. High Voltage is turned on based on the position of the 25%-75% power switches and -24vdc from the Linac Interlock Chain OR the Test Bypass Plug.

Enabling and turning on the Linac HVPS effects our PPS interlocks and Radiation Warning system.

Linac warning:

After turning on the Linac HVPS the following steps happen:
  1. ‘LINAC ON’ signs light. (Three in LS2 and one on the catwalk.)
  2. Rotating RED beacon on the west wall of L0 lights
  3. Two RED spots light on west wall of L0
  4. 480vac is checked after the main contactor (for alarm status)
  5. Signal to Trouble Light #39 if HV is ON when synch. Magnet is OFF
  6. Lights RED ‘ON’ buttons in CESR control room Linac panel

PPS Interlock affected:
  • White KEY Bypass Boxes are disabled
  • Gray Key Bypass Boxes are disabled
  • Tunnel perimeter now active in Linac chain

3. Machine Status Signs


Sign Logic:

CESR ON: (-24 from LRD832-2 Dwg. 4140 Sh.1)
  1. Interlock set switch ON
  2. G29E and G29W both open

Synchrotron ON: (-24v from LRD898-1 Dwg. 4034 Sh. 3)
  1. Linac Chain complete (Dwg. 4034 Sh.2)
  2. Linac Enabled (Dwg. 4034 sh.2)
  3. CRA.07.10 test switches OFF (Dwg. 4034 Sh. 3)
  4. RUN/TEST switch in RUN (Dwg. 4034 Sh. 3)

4. Drawing Locations...

Interlock Set Switch - DWG. 4048 sh.1

Linac Shielding Blocks interlock - DWG. 4057 sh.1

Linac HVPS Red Warning Lights and Beacon - 4060 sh.1

Linac 'ON' alarm Controls- DWG. 4034 sh.3

Linac and CESR Beam Killer Sirens - DWG. 4003 sh.1

Tunnel Lights Controls (and switch) - DWG. 4034 sh.3

Power distribution for CESR Light Beams - DWG. 4003 sh.1

OP's White Key Reset circuit - DWG. 4001 sh.17

Interlock Checkout 'RUN/TEST' Switch - DWG. 4001 sh.16

Broken Light Beam Siren - DWG. 4136 sh.1

CESR & Synch Magnet Ramp Down Timer interlock - DWG. 4116 sh.3

BYPASS & RESET Box Wiring schematic - DWG. 4087 sh.2

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