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March 22, 2020

Dear CLASSE Family,

Test Test Test

I have no new policy for you today, only thanks. Also, this is just a test.

This week, we put all CLASSE equipment into a safe state, finished high-priority projects, and prepared for work at home. The Operations groups shut down CESR and the CHESS beamlines, the admin and communications groups clarified policy, the vacuum and cryo groups transitioned complex systems into stable states, our facilities and safety staff created a plan to keep our buildings safe and sound, the design-drafting group developed a method for using CAD software from home, the shops completed their most urgent tasks, and the IT group responded to 500 service requests. The instruction to shut down arrived on Sunday evening, and by Wednesday afternoon, this massive body of work was complete. It is a remarkable achievement, and my main message today is simple: “Thank you.”
  • Over the next few days, most of us will be identifying projects, many quite different from normal, and we will be figuring out how to achieve them from home. For some, video-conferencing via Zoom will become a way of life. As inspiration, and to help maintain a sense of connection, we will be sharing stories of you and your strategies for success during this period. If you are doing something interesting for work or to maintain your calm, email Rick Ryan, and he may share your story.
These are difficult times, and we are all adjusting to our new, and somewhat surreal, circumstances. We are told to do social distancing at a time when we most need connection, our kids are clamoring for attention, and the outlets that we normally rely on for relaxation, like sports or eating out, are canceled. In the face of this, we must do the best we can, give ourselves permission to be imperfect, and keep in mind that our efforts to separate ourselves will be rewarded by saving the lives of others in our communities.

Today, please accept my heartfelt thanks. Over my years at CLASSE, I have seen extraordinary accomplishments, but I have never seen an achievement done at such lightning speed and with so little warning. You have responded to the situation with outstanding focus, persistence, goodwill, and decency.

When this time is behind us, we will know that our actions have saved lives. We will never know how many — the number of cases in our region grow by the day. But as the virus runs its course over the coming weeks and months, the knowledge that we are saving lives can sustain us and strengthen our resolve.

Thank you for your good work, your patience, and above all, for your care for our community. Together, we will meet this challenge.


Communications Archive - This is just a test.

You can view all previous communications here:

Important Internal Links

Important COVID19 Info Links


Personnel Status Reporting Tool

Throughout this period, it will be important for lab leadership to be aware of the availability and status of staff, so we ask all staff to use a new STATUS REPORTING system at You must log into that site using your CLASSE credentials and indicate your status, and then update it whenever your status changes.

Status reporting options:

On campus for critical maintenance - You are doing approved, critical work on campus. You must not have symptoms and must not be in quarantine.

Using time off - You are using a sick day (required if you have symptoms) or a personal day. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath), enter this in the comment field, take care of yourself, and isolate yourself from others. Apart from doctor’s visits, stay home!

Work from Home (No Quarantine) - You are available for work at home and if you have work-from-home assignments, you are doing them. Select this option even if you have no assignments. Staff in this category may be asked to come into the lab if needed.

Work from Home ( Quarantine) - You have no symptoms, so you should work on your work-from-home assignments as usual, but you are under quarantine (see definition below.) Because of the quarantine, you should stay at home to avoid the possibility of infecting others. You will not be asked to come to the lab.

You are under quarantine if:
  • You are symptom free, but you or a member of your household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the previous 14 days (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath);
  • You are symptom free, but you have traveled via airplane in the previous 14 days.

Emergency Response Email

All questions and concerns should be directed to:

Research Activities

As of Wednesday at 5pm, on campus work will be limited to "research activities that are absolutely necessary to retain critical research assets for long-term progress” (Provost Kotlikoff). The only work allowed in CLASSE research buildings is the maintenance of key infrastructure. All others must stay home. You must work from home if possible; if that’s not feasible, then you must be available during work hours in case your services are needed.

On-site Staff

During business hours, a Facility Manager will be on-site to oversee contractors, handle shipping/receiving, manage utilities and coordinate other technical and personnel issues in Wilson and Newman Labs. A CESR operator will be on duty at all times in order monitor the Wilson accelerator facility and call in experts as needed.

Computer Systems

Computer systems will be maintained in order to monitor equipment and support those working from home. Please Submit a service request for help.


The Safety team will conduct daily safety tours. The usual two-man rules will be enforced.

Workday & Timesheet

Hourly employees must enter their hours in Workday or Timesheet in order to be paid. See instructions below. Exempt employees need to continue entering time in Timesheet. They only need to record time off in Workday if they are using HAP.

Workday: If your status is “work from home” (see definition above), enter your normal non-shutdown work hours. If you have no Work-From-Home assignments, enter “COVID-19” in the comment field.

Timesheet: Select the appropriate WBS for your activities. If you have no Work-From-Home assignments, select “Other” and enter “COVID-19” in the comment field.

Note that you must use sick or personal days if you are ill or unavailable to work.

Health & personal (HAP) days

HR is adding 10 extra health and personal (HAP) days to the bank for all eligible staff. See the HR web site for details. You must use HAP days if you are ill, or if you are not working or unavailable to work if called.

Grad Students

Advisors should make plans for their group to wor from home. The only exception is the maintenance of crucial equipment by identified essential personnel.

Undergrad Students

Undergrads may not work on campus and are strongly encouraged to return to their permanent residence.


Should identify key functions of their group that must continue, and train backups to carry out these tasks.

Remote-Work for Employees

The public health imperatives of social distancing apply not just to our students but to our faculty and staff as well.

Remote work plans must be implemented no later than Wednesday, March 18.

As soon as a unit’s remote work plan is finalized and approved by the college/unit leader, employees whose responsibilities can be carried out remotely are expected to transition to remote work. We expect that, with few exceptions, all employees will continue to receive their regular pay during this time.
  • Identify tasks that can be done from home.
  • Identify computers, software and other tools that are needed to work effectively from home.
  • Support remote participation in meetings w/ Zoom link for calendar invites.
  • blah. one more test.

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